A Product Review of Aloha Green Juice

by John Esposito

Aloha Green Juice: General Idea

This dietary supplement came into being by combining 14 dried fruits and vegetables that are each loaded with vital nutrients that the body needs to function efficiently every day. With this Aloha Green Juice asserts to deliver multiple health benefits, which includes heightened hydration and detoxification, increased energy levels and immunity, among others. What’s more is that this product is the form of tiny packets which makes it mobile and can be brought anywhere you go. Apparently, juicing is now a booming industry and Aloha Green Juice is one of these products. If you’re considering of trying this product out, you need to equip yourself with sufficient information and other helpful details about the product. This way, you’re able to make a conscious decision of whether to try it or not.

More on Aloha Green Juice

preview-full-aloha-mint-chocolate-chip-green-smoothie-heroEssentially, this nutritional product asserts to help you receive essential nutrients that your body requires. Aloha Green Juice becomes more helpful when you’re always busy and can’t eat enough healthy foods. With this, Aloha Green Juice becomes a supplement that gives you adequate amount of nutrients so your body is always packed with energy. Its manufacturer also claims that the creation of this product is through the use of a proprietary puree and drying procedure, in which the components in the formula are purely preserved. This way, most of the nutrients and fibers in the ingredients are provided to the body. This means that you get to have unparalleled nutrient concentration that makes it more efficient. Thus, positive health benefits such as improved body detoxification, better skin suppleness, enhanced mood and improved digestion, to name a few, are pushed. On the official product site, the company insists that the components utilized in their product are from natural sources only without the intervention of animal fertilizers. The components are claimed to have also been proven to be free of toxins, fillers, flavors or any artificial sweeteners. Aloha Green Juice is also created and produced in a facility that is GMP-certified. Below are the ingredients: Sodium 50mg Potassium 200mg Daily Good Blend 8,850mg Spirulina 550mg – loaded with vitamins and is believed to be helpful in increasing energy levels. Spinach 800mg – is said to improve mood. Moringa 600mg – this protein is said to be filled with antioxidants. Green Pea 1,400mg – is believed to improve skin wellness though the use of antioxidants Wheatgrass Juice 900mg – this component could aid in enriching the blood with oxygen, as well as help in improving digestion. Wild Blueberries 550mg – this one delivers antioxidants that could aid in the increase of memory and uplifting of mood. Raspberries 300mg – this component supplies antioxidants that could be useful in fat metabolism. Coconut Water 2,465mg – is said to help in the hydration and supply of essential minerals. Lemon 30mg – this serves as the product’s flavor and improves its taste. King Trumpet Mushrooms 400mg – supplies Vitamin D and may help promote better immunity. Enoki Mushrooms 300mg – supplies Vitamin B3 and may help stabilize the immune system. Oyster Mushrooms 475mg – is believed to shield the cells and improve the immune system. Yellow Hawaiian Ginger 20mg – this could help develop the assimilation of nutrients. Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt 60mg – this one supplements flavor and minerals. Furthermore, the product is said to only have a total of 40 calories. Use of Aloha Green Juice is simple. Just combine it with 8-10 oz of water, milk or juice. You can also opt to add this to a smoothie. Comparing to other products, this one is said to be simpler to use than a juicer. Besides, it is 75% less costly than your average cold-pressed bottled juice.

Aloha Green Juice Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This product is viable in 3 various selections: 7-Pack: $20 15-Pack: $40 30-Pack: $75 You can also choose to register for the product’s monthly service. This means that your supply of Aloha Green Juice is made regular as you receive a 30-day supply each month. With this arrangement, your credit card will be automatically charged $70 every replenishing of your supply per month. There’s also a 5-day sample pack that costs $5. It will automatically be turned into the monthly service program if you don’t discontinue this enrollment within 14 days. For purchased more than $50, you get to have free shipping. On the other hand, the company does not include any details concerning money-back guarantees. But they’re saying that they’re devoted to “make it right” just as long as you reach out to their customer service at 888-444-3898.

Final Verdict: Is Aloha Green Juice the Real Deal?

aloha-mint-chocolate-chip-green-smoothie-heroWhile it’s good that there’s a list of components posted on their official site with links to clinical research, remember that these clinical studies were only about the components in the product’s formula and not research on Aloha Green Juice itself. Aloha, Inc., the product’s manufacturer also lacks information about itself. It only mentions that it is headquartered in New York and that it was founded in November 2013, but that’s it. It’s not even listed with the Better Business Bureau. Another important issue is its lack of customer reviews online, except for some independent bloggers who were asked to leave feedbacks in exchange for free samples. But that doesn’t really count. As a prospective buyer, you’d like to hear the feedback of a buying customer. Among the reviews of the bloggers, the usual criticism was that the green flavor of Aloha Green Juice could be something that people would like if they experience drinking it firsthand. Also, at $75 the supply that can last for 30 days is pricey. Still, with its tiny packets it is appreciated for its mobility and convenience. Besides, $2.50 per packet of Aloha Green Juice is more reasonable than buying green juice bottles. Thus, Aloha Green Juice can serve as a convenient option if you’re searching for simple methods to supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Just remember that there aren’t feedbacks on the internet discussing Aloha Green Juice’s efficiency and there are other similar products out there you can also consider.  

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