A Product Review of ApexVitality Forskolin

by John Esposito
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Introducing ApexVitality Forskolin

This new weight loss supplement is claimed to have been created from a new extract that has the potency to augment lean muscle mass and shed pounds for a slimmer waistline, so that you garner more confidence in showing off your body in a bikini. This works by modifying the method your body handles fat cells. ApexVitality Forskolin also touts to be a dietary product that offers remarkable weight loss results. Forskolin received wider attention after it was featured on the television program, Dr. Oz. The TV show host asserted that this component paves the way for a “rapid belly melt for every body type”. All things considered, does ApexVitality Forskolin actually promotes weight loss fast or is just another marketing hype that misleads people into believing into their product. This article could help you get the enlightenment you need.

Understanding How ApexVitality Forskolin Function

woman measuring waist weight lossThe component Forskolin or Coleus Forskohlii is actually a tropical plant that can be found in Asia. It originated from countries Nepal, Thailand and India. It has been actually used as a traditional health remedy mostly in Asia when it came to treating high blood pressure, chest pains and asthma for hundreds of years. In the recent times, this traditional herbal remedy became called forskolin. In some studies, this ingredient has been shown to help in encouraging weight loss. Thus, this became the primary component in ApexVitality Forskolin. Created by ApexVitality, this weight loss product asserts to encourage the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This then discharges fatty acids from adipose tissue, enabling them to be torched for energy and stopping the development of new fat. Simply put, the product is said to be capable of torching belly fat, but not lean muscles. This results to a flat and toned abdomen. Furthermore, this dietary product asserts to be made from 100 percent natural and organic sources. It is even claimed that ApexVitality Forskolin can be effectual without the need to work out. In obtaining its promised excellent outcome, the manufacturer states that you’re only required to consume one dose of a 125 mg of ApexVitality Forskolin every morning. Thus far, no adverse reactions are reported.

ApexVitality Forskolin Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This product is accessible through these various buying selections: 1 Bottle: $53.98 – Said to help you lose up to 10 pounds. Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $104.97 – Said to help you lose up to 25 pounds. Buy 3, Get 2 Free: $144.95 – Said to help you lose up to 50 pounds. Whichever option you select, ApexVitality Forskolin comes with free shipping. ApexVitality Forskolin also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. The date starts from when the product was delivered. To initiate this, contact customer service at 844-APEX-VIT. It is important to note that you can only return unused ApexVitality Forskolin. So, if you’ve already used the product, returning it is not allowed anymore. Plus, there’s a restocking charge of $10, as well as $5 for S&H fees that come along with your refund request.

Can ApexVitality Forskolin Aid in Getting A Slimmer Body?

Below are the following thoughts and factors you need to consider before proceeding to making any purchase.

Is there Clinical Study/Research Involved?

For one, ApexVitality Forskolin’s official site mentions the very same clinical research performed in the University of Kansas that’s posted on the Pro Lean Forskolin site. Nonetheless, the second study mentioned on the website is not a study in any way. It’s just a general idea about Forskolin made in 2010 by an Indian pharmaceutical college student. Though the said overview referenced a study by “P.G. Michael, A.J. Brad, R.R. Scott, Obesity Research 13 (2005) p8,” no copy of this study appears anywhere online. calorie-cycling-the-easy-wayFurthermore, in the United Kingdom research mentioned earlier, individuals who joined the study were shown to encounter reduction in their body fat percentages. Their lean muscle mass also showed a great deal of boost, but no weight loss effects were observed. Thus, if there’s a chance that ApexVitality Forskolin is efficient, maybe in helping increase his/her lean muscle mass and reduce the body fat percentage, but not in necessarily shedding pounds. Also, there’s limited proof as to the efficacy of the ingredient forskolin in terms of promoting weight loss in people. With this, it seems a reach to consider ApexVitality Forskolin some kind of miracle weight loss worker.

What are the Product Assertions?

Just like other products, ApexVitality Forskolin presents itself with big claims about its potency for making weight loss happen that exercising is not even needed. These are typical in the supplement industry that’s why it becomes more crucial to be critical in terms of product evaluation. The truth is, whenever the word ‘miracle’ is incorporated to a dietary product simply because it claims there’s no need for proper nutrition and fitness plan, it’s the perfect moment to think twice about this product. It’s too good to be true. We all know that weight loss is something that we work hard for and your excess weight is not going anywhere unless you start eating healthy and exercising regularly.

About the Manufacturer

The company called as ApexVitality seems to be a new one in the industry. Their main offices are in Sacramento, California, as well as in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is also listed with the Better Business Bureau. Its product site, www.apexbellymelt.com was only enrolled in May 2014. This was around the same time it was featured on Dr. Oz’s show. Upon closer inspection, ApexVitality Forskolin’s appearance on Dr. Oz seems to be a valid sign that it’s just part of a marketing strategy to create some kind of hype for the product.

Proper Usage of ApexVitality Forskolin

Also, bear in mind that the mentioned study earlier said that the people who joined got 250 mg of Forskolin two times each day. This means they got 500 mg overall. On the other hand, it was clearly stated on the product site that the suggested dosage is only 125 mg a day. With this discrepancy, it’s hard to say if ApexVitality Forskolin could really produce weight loss results at all. You may not even get the same effects as these people in the study did.

ApexVitality Forskolin Product Features

The ingredients are said to be from organic sources, ensuring its safety for human consumption. It has a 14-day money-back guarantee, so customers can return the item and request for refund. It claims to trim down the waist and flatten your abs with the use of forskolin.

Final Verdict: Is ApexVitality Forskolin the Rea Deal?

For one, ApexVitality Forskolin has only been in the supplement industry for a short period of time, unlike other established companies who have been operating in the market for many years. Besides, this weight loss supplement does not have sufficient clinical proof to back up its claims. Thus, we think it’s better for you to consult with your doctor first in you want other safer, and tried-and-tested methods to slim down your waist and boost your lean muscle mass.  

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