A Product Review of OxySelect Pink

by John Esposito
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Introducing OxySelect Pink

woman showing weight loss with oversize jeansThis particular nutritional supplement, OxySelect Pink, is said to have the right mixture of natural components that all underwent clinical trials and have been proven to be effective in terms of weight loss. This is achieved while the components also pave the way for the increase of one’s libido and energy. If you’re already heard of this product, you’re surely thinking whether it actually is the topmost fat burner for women like it is being advertised and if it really can provide any weight loss results regardless of your busy schedule. Another vital factor is its steep cost and whether this can be justified by its positive benefits or not. Read on to know the answers.  

Getting to Know the Product

Being a busy, career-driven woman, you surely don’t have the time to fill your body with nutritious food through a healthy diet. If you couldn’t find the time to eat properly, how much more for workouts? OxySelect Pink comes into the picture. According to the company that created the dietary supplement, this is a product specifically developed for women. Not only will it help you lose weight, it will also heighten your drive, energy and torch fat straight on. This can be obtained with the use of 1 billion CFUs of probiotics with the remaining components as follows: Chromax: this is from chromium and is said to aid in the decrease of binge eating, blood glucose levels, food cravings and the accumulation of fats. Razberi-K: it’s like raspberry ketones but in a more specialized type that’s being asserted to help you lose weight. Irvingia Gabonensis: this ingredient could aid in the repression of appetite and torching of fat. CoQ10: this is an enzyme that’s in-charge in the making of fat into energy. Green Coffee Bean Extract: this component is known for its richness in antioxidants that may aid in the decreasing of fats. Vitamin D: is said to aid in avoiding obesity. Apart from the aforementioned components, this supplement also purports to have a distinctive beauty blend that is said to enhance the skin’s texture and overall look. All the components in the supplement’s formula are said to be harmless and effectual without any negative reactions. It is also claimed that these ingredients have gone through clinical tests and demonstrated safety and effectiveness. Based on the information on the official site, recommended dosage for OxySelect Pink is 1-2 capsules 3x per day. Ideally, this should be taken 30 minutes before meal.  

OxySelect Pink Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

When you have OxySelect Pink from the company itself, you get to have these buying selections (per bottle contains 60 servings): 1 Bottle: $49.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. 2 Bottles (Plus 1 Bottle of 3-Day Slimming Pills): $89.95 plus free S&H. 3 Bottles (Plus 1 Bottle of 3-Day Slimming Pills): $119.95 plus free S&H. Regardless of the selection you go for, the supplement includes a 90-day, 100 percent refund policy, less S&H. To start with your refund, call the customer service at 866-478-0942. On the Terms of Use section, the manufacturer can also be reached though this number: 801-319-9979; should the first number is hard to reach. You can also choose to buy the supplement from independent resellers like Amazon.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks

In general, it seems that this particular supplement does not really garner positive feedbacks from customers. The typical grievances of the users are inefficiency, the side effects of being jittery, having headaches, and stomach discomfort brought by the stimulant Irvingia Gabonensis, as well as the challenge of using the money-back guarantee. To make it worse, its manufacturer also has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is despite the fact that it only had three grievances in the past three years. A possible explanation for this is because the company failed to respond to the two complaints, which cited the challenge in getting their refunds.  

Final Recommendation: Should You Go For It?

Can OxySelect Pink actually generate any significant results that translate to weight loss while simultaneously boosting your drive and energy levels? We don’t think so for the following reasons: First and foremost, it is typical for manufacturers to create strong assertions about what their products can do without any clinical proof to support these claims. Though the official site of OxySelect Pink says that the components in the product have undergone clinical trials and were proven to be potent and working, no research of any kind was provided to verify their words. It is also a fact that raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract lack the clinical evidence about their claimed weight loss benefits. Next, the official site of the product provides a list of the components but we cannot know for sure if this list is comprehensive. The quantity of the components is also not divulged. Also, OxySelect Pink does not have a product label. Fortunately, we found dietary labels on other sites, but we cannot know for certain if all the labels are correct. The said labels added Phytosome Green Tea and 1, 3 Dimethylamine. This is problematic because these aren’t included on the product’s site. Also, when a manufacturer says all the components in their product are 100% pure and natural, it doesn’t significantly translate into being 100% safe. For instance, chromium has earlier been associated with liver problems. Hence, if you already have medical issues involving your liver, OxySelect Pink is not ideal for you. It’s best to ask for your doctor’s advice before taking this supplement, or any other supplement for that matter. woman surprised with weight loss resultsLastly, while it’s good that there’s no autoship enrolments with OxySelect Pink, its cost is quite steep that it seems to be unjustified as to what the product can actually deliver. Also, consider that statement on the site: “All testimonials achieved results with a healthy diet and regular exercise”. Hence, OxySelect Pink itself is no miracle or magic solution to weight loss. Healthy eating and regular exercise are still required in order to achieve notable weight loss results. Simply put: considering that the clinical evidence as to the components’ efficiency and the supplement itself lacks depth and strength, its steep cost that cannot be justified by its capacities, and the issue with its chromium content, the absence of product label, and the negative image online due to inefficient customer service, it is just reasonable to conclude that OxySelect Pink is not a value for money.

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