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Progentra demonstrates how male enhancement pills should be in our Progentra review

MaxFitness Today brings you an exclusive and in-depth look into the male enhancement pill that has recently taken the online market by storm – Progentra.


We have had many years in the industry and we have always ensured to identify the facts from fiction. One particular difficulty we encounter is the possibility of penis enlargement through using male enhancement products. There are various credible websites online which oppose that penis enlargement is possible and the size of the penis is down to a mixture of factors that could not be influenced by any supplement. While these claims are true, we also know that penis enlargement – although unpopular, has been patented by accredited individuals who have studied supplement ingredients and searched for the ideal blend that can, in fact, make penis enlargement a true possibility.

Progentra, which is a new male enhancement supplement of the market today, is quickly making rounds online due to its positive results during that came from its test phase. The last six months were the final phase of Progentra’s research and development which made it clear to the manufacturer and to its customers that it is indeed a product that is worth watching out for. Select individuals were offered samples of Progentra to see if the controlled double-blind testing would yield the same results in actual users. The results were outstanding! Almost a 95% positive feedback was provided by those who agreed to test the pill and dozens of people expressed their satisfaction upon using Progentra for a full term of a month.


Prognetra has a ten point benefit list that is promised to customers. Aside from the usual boost to the libido and sexual endurance, Progentra also guarantees a significant increase to penis size as well as orgasm control and even an increase in secretion of pheromones! Users can start experiencing benefits from Progentra from as little as approximately thirty minutes from taking the first dose with a significant increase in the size of the penis could be observed after two weeks of consistent daily use. Long term advantages such as penis enlargement and orgasm control can be achieved through regular incorporation  of the product each day.


What makes Progentra different to that of other male enhancement pills is that the formula does not just concentrate on aphrodisiacs as to produce the obvious and noticeable benefits by increasing the user’s libido. The substances of Progentra can be classified in three categories: Vasodilators, Testosterone Boosters and Sexual Endurance Ingredients.

Vasodilators: generate an improved blood flow to the penis.

Testosterone Boosters: increase the libido and pheromone release.

Sexual Endurance Ingredients: improve a man’s stamina during sexual activities.

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Box and Bottle of Progentra PillsWhen compared to other male enhancement products, Progentra is 100% revolutionary. The formula is anything but a random selection of ingredients that may work for male enhancement purposes. Rather, the substances used are carefully selected in order to achieve the peak performance of the formula. Each component is measured in proportion to the effects of the other elements in the combination, giving each ingredient ample concentration to reach peak effectiveness. There is zero need to mixing the formula with dangerous prescription medicines, (which is something that a lot of other male enhancement supplements resort to).

Progentra works within minutes from the initial dose and this is made possible by the fast acting ingredients which trigger the spike in free testosterone levels – the male hormone is the cause for an increase in the libido. The boost to the sex drive helps alleviate the most common cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Having an answer ready for Erectile Dysfunction is a key feature for Progentra as the fact is sadly that many men would only consider taking a male enhancement supplement just minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Although Progentra has fast acting ingredients, the formula works around the clock to deliver the changes required by the body.



Length and girth of the penis increases in size – up to an extra 5 inches!
Incredibly enhanced libido
Much greater semen volume
Outstanding energy levels


Penis size increase in length of up to an extra inch
Enhanced sex drive
Higher semen volume
Improved energy levels


Progentra gradually increases the volume of blood that flows directly to the penis as a result of sexual stimulation

Progentra gradually increases the volume of blood that flows directly to the penis as a result of sexual stimulation. Aphrodisiacs within the formula ensure the blood flow is aimed toward the penis and the vasodilators further intensify the effects of these aphrodisiacs by widening blood vessels as to allow more blood through. Another crucial role of the  aphrodisiacs is that they make the user much more receptive to sexual stimulus, which results in more frequent erections. The frequency of having an erection plays is vital in the process of penis enlargement as it allows the penile chambers to adapt to the increased volume of blood flowing to the penis. To accommodate the increased blood flow, the penile chambers, or corpora cavernosa, expand and this gives the penis a significant increase in size to both the length and the girth.

hProgentra Male Enhancement Pills

Not only does penis enlargement and a libido boost take place, but Progentra also makes it possible for users to experience better control over their orgasms and sexual climax! The hormone balancing ingredients which are found in Progentra, inhibit the neurotransmitters that would prevent a user from gaining full control over the intensity and frequency of orgasms.

As a potent testosterone booster, Progentra also makes the user much more biologically attractive to the opposite sex by promoting the release of pheromones. Pheromones are the natural chemical signals which are picked up by the sense of smell and informs the opposite sex of a potential biological match. While grooming yourself and making yourself smell good would definitely enhance this natural indication, pheromones are actually what make men biologically attractive to females. Not only does Progentra help men to achieve better sexual health, but it also helps them to become more attractive.



A semi essential amino acid that increases nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide triggers the smooth muscles in the arteries to contract, allowing more blood to flow through the vessels. L-Arginine is a known ingredient in the industry of bodybuilding supplements and its role within Progentra is to promote better blood flow directly to the penis. Higher concentrations of L-Arginine can be found in Progentra and when used in conjunction with a potent aphrodisiac, regular use of Progentra will easily promote the process of penis enlargement.


One of the most effective pro-erectile ingredients ever used in male enhancement supplements, Tongkat Ali is also known as the Asian Viagra. This substance

fulfils three roles within the Progentra formula. First, as a Testosterone Booster, it greatly increases the libido and potentiates erections. Next, as a Free Calcium Blocker, it helps to prevent flaccidity to the penis when engaging in sexual activity. Finally, when Tongkat Ali is used in conjunction with a potent vasodilator such as L–Arginine, it can help increase the volume of blood as well as the pressure to the penile chambers – overall, this is what triggers the increase to penis size.


As one of the most potent Testosterone Boosters used in the industry today. Some bodybuilding supplements incorporate this ingredient in their formulas to increase testosterone for muscle building. Progentra contains a much more concentrated form of Tribulus Terrestris, which stacks with the benefits of other Testosterone Boosters that are contained within the formula. As a whole, a much more intense libido, and effective release of pheromones can be observed by the user.

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The fast acting component of Progentra is focused on Miura Puama which is also a potent Testosterone Booster. Since this ingredient can easily be absorbed by the body, its effects are one of the first that can be noticed by the user – right after taking the first dose of Progentra. The median time for the effectiveness of Muira Puama is approximately thirty minutes and so the user experiences a spike in libido levels. While this substance works fast, it also does not wear off easily. As the other ingredients are being absorbed by the body, Muira Puama stacks with the other ingredients as to create a more intensified effect.


Many experts say Maca Root is the ultimate sexual enhancement ingredient. It is one of the few substances that could be used by both men and women. Because of  its nature as a Hormone Balancer, it prolongs the effects of increased testosterone levels. Maca root is especially helpful for men as it helps them to control their orgasms and inhibits the neurotransmitters which prevent men from becoming aroused in the moments that follow a sexual climax.


As men’s health experts, we have never seen a product like Progentra despite having seen some good and not-so-good products in the market, nothing quite comes close to Progentra. This is one of the  most comprehensive formulas to meet the sexual health needs of men, starting from attraction right up to to sexual performance. Progentra has it all covered!  This is down to a clever collaboration of people who have carefully studied the needs of men. Progentra may be a newcomer in the industry, but everything about it suggests that there is not much competition within the industry today

Frequently Asked Questions-Progentra

Is Progentra Safe?

Progentra only uses natural ingredients, which was done purposely by its creators in an attempt to make the safest male enhancement supplement on the market.  Generally speaking Progentra is extremely safe to take, and is virtually harmless when taken as directed.

Without being said if you are someone who suffers from a serious preexisting health condition, using your best interest to consult your doctor before trying Progentra or any other supplement.

How Well Does it Work?

Progentra utilizes a specific formulation of ingredients which work in a way that enables the two major chambers of the penis to greatly grow in size over time.  This increased blood volume to this tissue means that the tissue is provided with more of the essential vitamins and minerals which it needs in order to reach its full potential.  So, Progentra absolutely will be effective as long as you let it do the work for you.

What Ingredients Does it Use?

Progentra consists of all natural ingredients such as Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Damiana, Muira Puama, and Maca Root.  These ingredients consist of a combination of aphrodisiacs, vasodilators, and PDE-5 inhibitors, all of which work together to provide the user withe an improvement in penis size, a greater libido, an improvement in sexual stamina.

How Do You Use Progentra? When?

In order for the user to experience a maximum fax from Progentra, it is recommended that they consume a capsule twice daily, preferably once in the morning with a meal and once at night with a second meal.

In doing so you will distribute the essential ingredients found within Progentra throughout your body more equally throughout the day, allowing them to consistently provide you with benefits around the clock.

How Long Before Progentra Takes Effect?

Progentra provides the user with immediate benefits in improvement in sexual stamina, and a surge in their libido.  This is due to the fast-acting aphrodisiacs found within Progentra, which provides an immediate sexual boost to the user.

The second aspect to Progentra involves its penis growing aspect, which is able to deliver to the user via an increased volume of blood to penile tissue over a prolonged period of time.  These two factors are what allows for the expansion and growth for penile tissue, which the user will first see after a short period of 2-4 weeks.

Are There Any Negative Health Consequences?

As we covered earlier, Progentra is only made with natural ingredients- ones which have minimal side effects.  This means that Progentra on its own is an extremely safe supplement, and looks especially good when compared to other male enhancement supplements available.

As long as the user sticks to the instructions and doesn’t consume an excess of product, they shouldn’t experience any adverse affects.

Are Penis Exercises Required?

Penis exercises are generally considered to be beneficial in aiding an individual in expanding their penile tissue.  This means that they can potentially be beneficial here as well in heating Progentra in the penis enlarging process. Performing some exercises in addition to taking Progentra such as pelvic floor exercises, can definitely maximize the results seen.

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