Review of the Product Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia

by John Esposito
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Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia Overview

standing on weighing scale to check weight lossThis product is a dietary supplement that asserts to be helpful in making you shed pounds. This is said to be accomplished by stopping the storage of fat and giving you the feeling of fullness, which makes you decide to eat less. Its manufacturer says that their garcinia cambogia is gathered manually from premier quality sources. It is also dried up with the use of a long-established procedure, which ensures that the vital nutrients are retained. The company behind Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia, Genesis Today, is chiefly headquartered in Austin, Texas. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau with an overall rating of A+. This is based on only one grievance over the last three years. The criticism was regarding its lack of efficiency in contrast to how it is marketed.  

Understanding How Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia Function

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit which contains the component hydroxycitric acid. The hydroxycitric acid or the HCA is the one that’s believed to have weight loss properties. According to claims, HCA can stop fats from being stored in the body and also helps in giving you the feeling of fullness, so that you avoid overeating. On the other hand, it is unknown if the same effects could be observed in people since it hasn’t been tested on humans. The company says that the Garcinia Cambogia they use is harvested from farms and that these farms are personally monitored by people from Genesis Today. This way, all the vital nutrients in this fruit are protected and are completely retained, so that the quality is excellent. Furthermore, the manufacturer includes other ingredients in the product’s formulation. These are calcium, black pepper, and potassium. These components are said to be useful in making the process of assimilation easier and faster.  

On the product site, each capsule of Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia has the following ingredients:

Calcium – 60mg Chromium – 100mcg Potassium – 90mg Garcinia Cambogia – 800mg Black Pepper – 10mg It is also purported that this particular weight loss supplement does not have any fillers, dyes, or chemicals. It also doesn’t contain any Genetically Modified Organism or GMO ingredients, as well. Genesis Today insists that Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia is of premier quality and arrives at your doorstep wrapped in an environment-friendly packaging.  

Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

man holding out oversize jeans to show weight lossA Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia package with 60 capsules cost $23.99. This can be ordered on the official site. The shipping charge depends on your residence. You can also buy this supplement from Walgreens, Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods and many other stores. As for its refund policies, we were not able to gather any details regarding this. No information is available on the site. You can just call them at (800) 916-6642 to ask them directly before buying the product.

Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia Product Features

Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia aids in weight reduction by stopping the storage of fat and making you feel satiated. The components used are all plant-based and non-GMO, ideal for vegetarians.

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