Reviewing the Effectiveness of FitStrong CLA

by John Esposito
fit man measures woman's waist after weight loss

Product Introduction

FitStrong CLA is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight with more ease. It’s easy and convenient to use and customers would love its reasonable pricing. This supplement is also helpful for getting a lean and stronger physique for better athletic functions and performance. It promises to generate significant results by using potent components that can aid in the process of shedding pounds. It won’t be hard to maintain using FitStrong CLA because you only need to pay about $0.50 per day. If you’re one of those people who want to lose weight or achieve lean muscles, FitStrong CLA can help you achieve your body and fitness goals. But first, let’s get to know this supplement for real. Before purchasing any supplements, it is important that customers are cautious. Hence, evaluating a product before using it is just right. This way, you’re assured that you’re using the right supplement for you. To assess FitStrong CLA’s overall quality, we’ll tackle everything about FitStrong CLA, from its components, side effects, cost and accessibility of purchase, and its convenience.

Getting Further with FitStrong CLA

This particular weight loss product, CLA, is manufactured by the company FitStrong. This manufacturer is also known for its other supplements, mostly for weight loss purposes. CLA  is the freshest addition to their weight loss line of supplements. It is promoted by the company as the ultimate solution for getting rid of fat and obtaining lean muscles. The question is – does FitStrong CLA live up to its promise? In order to know if this supplement is truly the real deal, let’s get to know the scientific process of how it works, beginning with its formula.

fit woman measuring waist after weight lossWhat Are the Components Involved?

Basically, the company settled on making CLA’s formula pretty much straightforward by only including a single component, which is a 550 mg of CLA powder. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is basically an omega-6 fatty acid that’s typically utilized to facilitate cardiovascular wellness and prevent inflammation. Multiple scientific researches subjecting CLA and its functions on fat metabolism have demonstrated that using this component boosts the body’s mechanism for losing fat. Nearly all studies showed that weight loss can be obtained after three months. The subjects in these said studies took 1.5-3.5 grams of CLA. They also learned that CLA decreased body fat in people with obesity and aided in the increase of lean mass among athletes. Considering it only has CLA as its active component, FitStrong CLA really does have a simple blend. It has no fillers or stimulants and other unnecessary chemicals. Sometimes in supplements the simpler the formulation is the better.

About the Company

As mentioned, FitStrong CLA is made by FitStrong Fitness Supplements, which has been in the industry since only 2013. The company is recognized for their produced stacked products for both men and women. Many manufacturers provide all kinds of supplements, but FitStrong promotes itself as a company that concentrates on particular supplements produced in blends that are made in advanced to meet multiple fitness and weight loss goals. Generally, FitStrong CLA is a decent weight loss supplement. All the products by this company are simple and straightforward with no strange addition of components. This is good as you’re guaranteed that there are no side effects. The costs of the supplements by FitStrong are also reasonable.

couple showing fit bodies and flat stomachFitStrong CLA Cost & Accessibility

As of this writing, FitStrong CLA is only accessible for purchase in two locations. First is from the company itself where it is sold at $54.99 for a pack containing 90 servings. Second, FitStrong CLA is also available at, which is the only third-party reseller. Through this store, FitStrong CLA is sold at only $44.99. This includes free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. The price here is notably lower than that of the manufacturer, saving you $10.

Proper Dose & Adverse Reactions

Recommended dose is one capsule every day with water. As for its adverse reactions, none is to be expected.

Final Thoughts

FitStrong CLA has a simple formulation. It’s easy and convenient to use and customers would love its reasonable pricing.

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