Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Arimatest

by John Esposito
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About Arimatest

Arimatest is a testosterone enhancer that is created and produced by the company MuscleMeds. The company claims that this supplement features an excellent formulation that makes it effective for boosting the hormone testosterone. This is said to be accomplished by the use of a cutting-edge anti-aromatase bioactives delivered in a distinctive FASTSORB delivery supplement that has pending patent application.

MuscleMeds also claim that their supplement features a singular capacity to quickly and prominently boost free testosterone as it simultaneously eradicates estrogen via the restriction or slowing down of aromatase.

But what does this indicate, really?

The company behind the product tells us that Arimatest should be expected to help users have a significant boost in strength and endurance for training and muscle growth. On the other hand, we’re not sure if this so-called advanced formulation is revolutionary as it leads us to believe.

Let’s find out if Arimatest is the real deal or whether it just uses appealing claims to attract consumers.

Understanding How the Product Function

intimate couple huggingBased on the information put on a Clinical Pharmacology post shown on the websites where Arimatest is offered for sale, the components in this supplement function interdependently for the purpose of slowing down the activities of the endogenous aromatase enzymes belonging to the P450 cytochrome family. The outcome is that the transformation of androstenedione and testosterone into estrogen is obstructed.

These aromatase enzymes are mostly situated in several tissues all over the body, like in the muscles, testicles, brain, blood vessels, skin, and adipose fat. Because Arimatest has anti-aromatase features, it results to the significant boost in the body’s total testosterone and free testosterone generation.

What are the Components?

The ingredient profile of a supplement is the core itself. Without quality ingredients, a certain product won’t stand a chance in terms of generating significant benefits that’ll encourage consumers to continue using it. As for Arimatest, there obviously are a lot of claims as to what this product is capable of bringing into the table. But evidence-wise, there’s nothing that can scientifically prove Arimatest is able to deliver what it says it’ll deliver. There are references of scientific researches, yes, but these said studies are ambiguous for us. Though we’re not questioning the authenticity of such studies, it still would be ideal if clinical researches to substantiate a supplement and its ingredients are all clearly laid out for the customers to see. By and large, we don’t think Arimatest has sufficient essential components to truly increase one’s testosterone levels. Of course, this can still be addressed if the manufacture is intent in improving their product.

couple having sex in bedroom someone peeking through doorNevertheless, the components contained in a table of Arimatest are: Dihydrotase (astaxanthin), Saw Palmetto Extract, and 7-Armitase Methylated Flavone (7-Methoxyflavone).

Saw Palmetto, while prominent in the field of male enhancement, does not generate that much impact in terms of testosterone increase. Dihydrotase, on the other hand, is basically like an antioxidant. It doesn’t fit in a supplement that’s supposed to increase a man’s testosterone levels.

The only ingredient here that shows promise as something that can help with augmenting testosterone levels and slowing down aromatase is the 7-Methoxyflavone. This is based on the information on a research posted in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In this study, it states that 7-Methoxyflavone can pose a solid resistance to metabolism. It can also be used as cancer chemopreventative /chemotherapeutic catalysts.

Since the said component hasn’t undergone standardization as of this writing, we do not know if the supplement is giving users with the appropriate quantity of this component. For all we know, they could just be adding this to the formulation of Arimatest in order to look more reliable. Hopefully, this is not the case. Overall, it’s great that the supplement contains an ingredient that could have potential in delivering its promise of a testosterone increase.

Arimatest Market Price

Here are the deals we’ve found on Arimatest online:

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Arimatest’s Customer Reviews

As for its feedbacks, it would appear that Arimatest doesn’t have a lot of positive testimonials, or at least based on the reviews we’ve read discussing the product’s functions and performance as a testosterone booster. Several users reported that Arimatest didn’t do much in terms of giving notable effects. Others have said that this product has been litigated for misleading customers with their false ads promising a staggering 10,000% testosterone increase, though this seems to be over-the-top since no company even the most exaggerated would claim figures as high as this one.

In any case, even those users that experienced some changes from the use of Arimatest suggested that there are similar supplements available that can be bought at cheaper costs.

Final Verdict

Though Arimatest’s company touts it to be advanced, it only consists of three components, in which two of these elements are not even clinically proven to have the capacity to augment testosterone levels. With this, it’s not clear whether Arimatest can really generate the results you’re expecting. It’s also surprising that tribulus terrestris is not included in the supplement’s formula considering it’s a well-known component for increasing testosterone levels. Nevertheless, the efficiency of supplements varies. So Arimatest can also bring out positive effects to certain people.

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