Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of PHGH

by John Esposito
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About the Product

PHGH is a male enhancement supplement that’s developed and promoted by well-known male porn star John Lawrence. This product is touted to be one of the best in terms of improving the quality of a man’s erection. Not only can it boost his erection, it can also make a man’s penis hard for a longer period of time. With this heightened sexual function, he’s able to please and satisfy his partner further. Lawrence stated that he decided to develop his own brand of male enhancement supplement in order to ensure that his career in the porn industry remains prolific. Being a porn actor, he needs his weapon down there to be always geared up for some action and the only way to do that is to take an enhancer. Of course, what other supplement can he trust but his own?

What It Wants to Accomplish

woman surprised at guy's morning woodPHGH’s maker promises to address the usual concerns of many male enhancement supplements, which typically are banned compounds used in formulas, low-quality powdered forms of certain substances, and components going through futile extraction procedures. On the other hand, PHGH is touted to only make use of components that directly originate from their natural sources. This male enhancement supplement is mainly comprised of the following elements: Tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, Tongkat ali, Horny goat weed, and Maca Root. If it’s not your first time reading about male enhancement products, you’d know that these ingredients are commonly used in the male enhancement industry because of the belief that they’re able to generate sexual benefits, such as improved sex drive and heightened erections. Furthermore, PHGH boasts the presence of the alkaloid substance called Piperine. It has no direct association with the male sex drive, but it has been demonstrated to slow down the metabolism of drugs and boost the accessibility of other substances in PHGH’s formula.

Product Focus

woman in lingerie undressing man's jeans in bedThis particular male enhancement product has a remarkable focus on boosting blood flow for the improvement of sexual functions. It also has a notable level of reliability among customers as shown in the positive testimonials of many users. Nonetheless, John Lawrence also faces the challenge of making PHGH credible since it doesn’t have any clinical evidence. Naturally, customers would trust a supplement that’s supported by clinical studies and trials. Products with solid scientific proof are deemed more reliable by customers in terms of safety and effectiveness. In this case, Lawrence needs to concentrate more on making his creation clinically proven. Still, PHGH makes a very distinctive kind of endorsement since it is being promoted by a porn star. A lot of guys surely experience erection-related issues that hinder them unable to have sex, or they still have sex but it’s not the kind of sex that can put a smile to their faces. Thus, these men would turn to the internet to look for natural alternatives and seeing a supplement developed and endorsed by a porn actor has its bizarre charm.

Final Verdict

Despite the promising ingredients involved in PHGH’s formula, there’s still no solid clinical evidence to back up the supplement’s claims of effectiveness. Still, most of these ingredients are natural, so there shouldn’t be any harm in trying.

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