The Scientific Ways to Cheer Up Your Lady

by John Esposito
FootReflexology couple
Sometimes it can be difficult to be inside a man’s brain but be confronted with an upset woman. It’s no secret that the chemical compounds of a woman are much different to those of a man, often leading to a more emotional response to situations in contrast to the male’s rationality. This is not an insult to women or men, just an objective look at how often it can be difficult to empathize with your girlfriend or wife in an attempt to cheer her up when she is really feeling blue. However, as a good husband or boyfriend, it is your task to turn that frown upside down and find ways in which you can get your lady back on her feet with a smile on her face. If you are lost for ideas, try some of these to really help her out.
  1. Chocolates aren’t always cliché!
preview-full-Yamata-no-orochi_large couple hugging black and whiteAlthough chocolates may seem like the cliché way to make a woman smile, in fact not all chocolate is made equal. We are thinking science here rather than rom-com status. It has been shown in various studies that chocolate releases the same hormones for women as sex does, which increases the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain and releases endorphins, which lead to an all-around happier lady. But it is important that you look for dark chocolate, preferably organic, as the high levels of cocoa are responsible for this reaction due to it being jam packed with anti-oxidants.
  1. Give her a foot rub
Reflexology is an amazing tool for helping to relieve stress and induce happiness. This is the art of using pressure points to stimulate the flow of other connected parts of the body. Massaging just under the ball of the foot will help to release stress in your lady as it opens up the diaphragm area, helping the circulation of oxygen. By massaging the pads of the big toe, this releases endorphins into the body, while massaging the outside of the big toe leads to a dopamine release. Massaging both of these last two together releases oxytocin, the love hormone, making her feel grateful for your help!
  1. Give her an all-encompassing hug
preview-full-Girl-eating-a-chocolate-barGiving your lady a huge hug will result in the release of oxytocin, which leads to the heart rate lowering and the cortisol production decreasing (the stress hormone). This helps to relax her and calm her down. If she doesn’t want a hug, try and hold her for a few extra seconds before letting go as it takes time for those hormones to release; so maybe she wants a hug but doesn’t know it yet! Hugs also stimulate dopamine release, which is the pleasure hormone, helping her to feel rewarded. Although all these pieces of advice may seem cliché, they are in fact scientific ways to help you help your loved one feel happier. By using any of these techniques, you will boost her happy hormone levels, which help to lower the levels of bad hormones such as cortisol, which cause stress. A couple of glasses of red wine will do the same trick, but the danger is that she will want more, and that will only lead to ‘downer’ effects, causing further unhappiness. Try to bring her close to you, and always lend an ear to listen to what she has to say as sometimes this can be enough to cheer someone up; just releasing a burden! Of course, there is always the solution of having sex which will release both dopamine and endorphins for her, but do not suggest this idea first!

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