Sex Coffee and Your Lady

by John Esposito
couple drinking coffee under the covers

Coffee is good. Sex is great. Sex coffee is awesome. There, enough said.

Joking, let’s get to the specifics of this drink that’ll wake up every nerve in her body and have you running for a larger cup. Sex coffee is made from six simple ingredients that you can buy without a prescription. But, just in case you two get carried away, you might want to get a health check before consuming. Don’t want to hurt yourselves. This recipe, made from raw foods, has been perking up bedrooms since ancient times. No amount of labor, running from wild animals, or hatching assassination plots, was going to stop their sex lives.

couple having coffee while in bed increase sex drive

So, now that intrigue is built, here are the six ingredients:

  • Java
  • Maca
  • Cacao
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut milk
  • Honey

Yup, that’s all. You have, at least, four of these in the kitchen. Now, you just need to grab the other two.

Okay, you’re back with a huge cup and wondering how each of these ingredients will change your lady. And your sex life. Let’s take a closer look.

First, MACA.

Widely known as an aphrodisiac, Maca is an Aztec root that supports the enzymes in her body that increase fertility and balance hormones. Whether you’re looking for more children, trying to connect with her better, or letting your hands do the talking, this will help. In the bedroom, Maca will increase her libido and leave you happily exhausted.

Second, CACAO.

A stimulant, cacao will boost her mood and energy, which will brighten your bedroom. The better mood she’s in, the better mood you’re in. Cacao signals the body to release serotonin which accounts for her great mood. Here’s a tip, buy chocolate. A study looking at the chart of female sexual function, or the Female Sexual Index, found that chocolate eaten daily leads to better sex. Without the risks of drinking too much coffee, chocolate can help your sex life. Though, not as much as sex coffee.


woman drinking coffee by bed edgeAfter an energy-zapping day, all she’ll want to do is kick back and go to sleep. When she walks in the door hand her a cup of sex coffee. If you’re feeling really eager, take some to her job. Mention that she should drink it on the drive home. That’ll give it time to kick in. The cinnamon will remove that day-job jet lag and the two of you can sleep after. Way after.

Fourth, HONEY.

You’ll rarely feel dissatisfied with the length of your sex. Honey can boost her stamina, fertility, and virility. Light some candles, put on some slow jams, and cut the kids bedtime short. Just remember, if you don’t want children, or more children, stay prepared. Look for ways you can please her. Make sure that both of you are getting your needs met. Long nights, or days, of sexy times, are an awesome side-effect of sex coffee. The only one who’ll be tired is you. A remedy for that will be at the end of this article.


Healthy fats from coconut milk will turn your sexy times into a marathon. Combined with the three previous ingredients, her energy will be something you’ve never seen. Coconut milk reduces coffee’s penchant for crashing your energy when it wears off. Your lady will be unstoppable in all the right ways. Though, as you know, she already is.

These five superfoods can be whipped up in five minutes. Yeah, seriously, that’s it. Either you or your lady can grab a hand blender and get much more than coffee started. Once a week is recommended for sex coffee. Kinda sucks, but these are a lot of ingredients for one woman’s body. Moderation, moderation. So, pick a day during the weekend and help her relax. Enjoy each other’s company, talk, watch a movie, and then take advantage of all the benefits of sex coffee.

But, don’t make your lady do all the work. Regular coffee will help you to meet her, at least, most of the way. A study, focusing on men over 20, found that 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day will keep more than your energy up. It’ll also help you last longer by strengthening your erections. Caffeine is similar to Viagra, except it’s easier to get because you don’t need insurance.

You could also drink a cup of sex coffee. It’s known to boost the quality of semen and return enlarged prostates to a normal size. Drink in reasonable amounts to protect your heart. A bad heart won’t help your sex life. So, grab some Folgers, or whatever you like, and drink it. If she’s armed with sex coffee, and you’re not, you’ll be glad you did.

Well, I’ve read this far, stop making me wait. How do I make sex coffee?

The recipe hasn’t gotten lost in the mass of knowledge that is the internet. Here’s the recipe for one cup:

Cup – 1, her favorite Coffee – 2/3 cup, hot Raw Cacao – 1 tbsp. Coconut milk – 2 tbsp. Honey – 1 tbsp. Cinnamon – 1/2 tsp. Maca – 1 tsp.

In a medium bowl add the coffee. Then, add all of the ingredients except the maca. Use a hand blender until it’s frothy. Add the maca, whip, and serve.

With just a little bit of prep time and a few ingredients, you can send your sex life to a whole new level. Your bond with your lady will strengthen, you might have a new mouth to feed, and you may even try new moves in the bedroom. With all of these benefits only one question remains:

Why are you still reading this article?

DISCLAIMER: Not everything in this article may come true. That’s life. This recipe affects everyone differently. If you, or your lady, are taking medications, talk with your doctor before consuming ingredients you have not tried before. Perform all of these activities in moderation, taking into account your level of health and your partner’s.


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