Sex Myths You Should Ignore

by John Esposito
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You may have gotten misinformation regarding sex. What? Does that mean you may have been doing things wrong? Well, you don’t yet but you should read the information here today. There are many sex myths that you may have believed. The good news is that you have found these myths today so you can set things right. When you consider what a healthier sex life would be like, you may have thought of certain things just like many other men. However, you may want to spread the word about these sex myths.

38a-316x296 sexy couple about to get intimateSpontaneous Sex is the Only Excellent Sex

You may have heard that the only way you can have excellent sex is to do it spontaneously. There are amazing pleasures you feel when you do have spontaneous sex. Usually both sexual partners will feel more excitement and pleasure when doing that. However, spontaneous sex is not the only way you can have excellent sex. You can even pencil sex into your calendar and it could still be excellent. You and your partner will be so filled with anticipation of the penciled in sex that the pleasure builds before you even get to it. This can be exciting and fulfilling sexually for both of you.

You Must Have Sex Every Day

shutterstock_316339565 intimate couple under the coversIf you want to have a healthier sex life you need to be having sex every day. Have you heard this? Well, it is one of the sex myths you need to know right now. It is not true. Yeah, you can keep connecting with your sexual partner by having sex every day. However, your lives are busy and you just don’t have time for sex every day. If you want to have a healthier sex life you don’t have to have sex every day of the week. The amount of days you should have sex really does vary based on the couple. It partially depends on the connection you have with each other, whether you are in love and how much time you spend together. You could just have one amazing sexual experience each week and that could be enough for the two of you. Don’t believe that you need to have sex every day. In fact, many couples who try to have sex every day start to get irritated with each other and that is probably not what you want to have happen.

Slower Romantic Sex is the Best

Alright, now you may have heard that slower romantic sex is the best sex you are going to have. You may hear that is all women want is romantic sex that is slow and easy. Wrong and wrong again. In fact, it really doesn’t matter if sex goes slow or hot and heavy. As long as the sex means something with your partner, it can be the best sex the both of you have ever had. Appreciate each other’s bodies and spend time pleasing each other. Immerse yourself in her fantasies and allow her to do the same with you. You can have hot and heavy sex and that may be just what your sexual partner wants. Now that you know the sex myths you should ignore, you can get things straight in your sex life starting today!

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