Sex Tips for Men That Will Change it All

by John Esposito
couple having sex
If you want to make a change to your sex life, you need some sex tips that you will never forget. You may read about sex tips all over the internet, in magazines and hear about tips from others too. When you hear a tip, it is likely to cross your mind that you must try it. The problem is that not all sex tips are great to use and with some you could turn her off instead. The sex tips here today are ones that are helpful and have been proven to be so with many women around the world.

Lust Talk

sensual coupleWhen you talk to a woman with lust while having sex you are almost sure to turn her on. Women like to know that you are willing to tease them and give them what they need. When you use lust talk during sex you can make her feel desired and help her get closer to an orgasm.

Sweat is Alright

Many men try everything they can to make sure they don’t sweat during sex. The problem with that is they often slack on their sexual performance when trying to do this. The truth is that sweating during sex is alright. In fact, women are turned on by men who sweat. There is testosterone released when a man sweats and that is something women are biologically turned on to.

Warm Environment

woman holding guy's ripped abs huggingWhen you are going to have sex, make sure you do so in a room that is warm and not cold. You can even turn off the air or a fan if it is on. The heat in the room will dilate the body’s blood vessels. This makes your penis and her vagina more swollen which brings about much more pleasure.

Headache Relief

If your woman is having a headache, you can now tell her you have the perfect treatment. Studies show that a pleasurable orgasm will help to relieve headaches. When she has sex, endorphins are released which are like morphine medication pain reduction.

Use Foreplay

Foreplay is just about always a necessity. Whether you are stroking, touching, licking or sucking on your woman you are going to be able to turn her on. The foreplay you use is likely to get her near an orgasm before you even insert into her. You can even lightly touch and play with the clitoris to get her going and then stop. That is a major turn on for most women.

Sex in the Early Morning

If you are extremely tired at night, wait until the early morning hours to have sex. Not only will this get your testosterone boosted so you can have a great start to your day but you will get her awake and happy for the day as well. These are some excellent sex tips that are going to change it all for you. Keep these in mind every time you have sex from this point on! You and your woman will benefit from them!

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