Sexual Response: Different for Men and Women

by John Esposito
When talking about the subject or act of sex, many men have one instant response; but then again so do many women. It is a fun and enjoyable experience that brings about extreme pleasure. However, even with all the fun and excitement in tow it is great to learn about the sexual response. It is helpful to know that the sexual response is different for men and women.  There are three main things that should be known about this difference and once you know these things you can please her even more.

shutterstock_260901896 couple getting intimate in bedMultiple Orgasms

When looking at the time frame, most of the time women can have multiple orgasms in a short time frame. Men usually can’t and must wait hours or days before becoming erect again. This is the main difference between the sexual response from man to woman. This is not usually affected by psychology, self-training or mental attitude either.

Warming Up

During an ordinary sexual experience, the woman will take additional time for warming up to a possible orgasm. On the other hand, men can usually have an orgasm more quickly. Once a woman trusts a man more and more intimacy becomes part of the relationship, they can usually have an orgasm quicker.

reflexology-orgasmLess Predictable

When discussing sexual response, women are going to have subtler but not as predictable ways of responding than men. You may find that one day you can stimulate her in one fashion while another day you will need to stimulate her elsewhere. Some days she may want you to heavily stimulate her while other days she will just want light stimulation while she is getting close to having an orgasm. The attitude you have and self-training do make a difference in this predictability. Women who have more sexual experience but less inhibitions will be more simple with their stimulation explanations. These are just some of the ways that the sexual response between men and women are different. Now, this does not mean that women are complicated to figure out. For the most part, she wants to be satisfied and pleased just as you do. She wants to have an exciting and pleasurable orgasm just as you do. When you take the time to recognize the different between a woman and a man’s sexual response, you can better understand her needs from your own. What does this mean for you in the end? What will this do for your sexual experiences and hers? To answer both questions at once, you both will have a much more exciting, pleasurable and stimulated sex life. Think about these differences the next time you are going to have sex so you can be prepared to show her what you know.

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