How Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Sex Life-What is it Doing to Your Libido?

by John Esposito
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As we get older, it seems that maintaining good health becomes more and more difficult. Our diet, activity level, and genetics are all three huge factors when it comes to our overall health, however proper sleep is another huge component here which many people neglect.

What Are the Links Between Sleep and Libido?

Lack of Sleep half naked couple asleep in bed black coversThe majority of adults in America are sleep deprived, which doesn’t bode well for our libido. Not only does it affect our sex drive, but it also affects how attractive we are to others as well. Getting adequate sleep is essential when it comes to maintaining the health of our skin, hair and nails. In addition to this many adults think that they are getting enough sleep, when the data shows otherwise. Even getting 6hours a night isn’t enough rest, which is much more than many people out there do in fact get. Just losing one hour regularly like in the case of those getting 6 hours of sleep a night can actually cause a lot of harm. Tests have shown that both men and women who only get 6 hours of sleep a night have reduced levels of testosterone in their system, which is a key component as far as libido is concerned. Snoring Snoring is not only going to affect the sleep of the person doing the snoring, but their partner’s as well. Snoring throughout the night of course makes it difficult to get consistent hours of rest, making you feel it the next day. On top of feeling tired from not getting enough sleep from snoring, it is a potential indicator of other underlying diseases. Sleep apnea for example is commonly linked to snoring, which causes the person to stop breathing periodically during sleep. This is an extremely dangerous condition that can lead to heart attacks, stroke and potentially even death, so don’t take snoring lightly. Warrior Syndrome Warrior syndrome strikes those of us who really exert ourselves through exercise, which usually happens on the weekends given our busy schedules. As many of us know, the body thrives on homeostasis and generally sticking to a similar schedule and routine. couple making love in bed in the morningThrowing in a half marathon, a tough mudder, or any other type of strenuous activity that we aren’t used to in to our regular schedule can really wreck havoc on our system. Doing these types of events takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort to do so, which inevitably results in us paying for it down the line. This includes things like a disruption in hormonal balance, which in turn affects our sleeping habits. To avoid this condition, make sure you are giving yourself adequate rest in both sleep and downtime when it comes to your exercise routine. Allow your body to get acclimated to this new change before you go overboard. Smoking and Drinking Smoking and drinking in excess can really hurt not only your sex drive, but your health in general. As many of us know, smoking is really bad for our cardiovascular system and our lungs. The act of smoking reduces the ability of our red blood cells to efficiently carry oxygen through our blood vessels, and also damages and narrows them in the process. This not only can affect your sleeping habits and libido, but may affect your ability to achieve and erection period. The functioning of the heart and the ability of a man to get it up are highly linked, so if you value a healthy sex life, smoking is something you should look to eliminate from your habits. Drinking on the other hand is going to kill your libido, and also temporarily affect your ability to get hard also. You can get drunk to the point where your penis will just not respond to stimulation, something to keep in mind the next time you are out drinking and planning on getting lucky. Stress Stress is something that affects pretty much every aspect in our lives, including our sex drive. This gets amplified even further if you are living with your significant other, as you are both adding to each other’s stress levels. Do whatever you need to do to reduce your stress to help better the situation. For some people, it will be as easy as taking a brisk walk outside, while others need an extended vacation. Take a break from the everyday grind from time to time.

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