Some Random & Some Not-So-Random Ways to Turn Her On

by John Esposito

If I had $100 to place a random bet, I think I’d bet on the fact that men think about sex all the time (I know, it’s a bizarre bet, but I know you’re nodding your head in agreement).

It’s the truth; men think about sex all the time. And, it’s extremely easy for a man to start thinking about sex, especially if some fine looking woman is walking in their direction.

As for women, it’s not that easy. We can’t automatically see your face and think bam! I want to have sex. In fact, there are certain switches that have to happen in a woman’s mind in order for her brain to send blood to the pelvic areas. Because, once that blood is sent down to those pelvic areas, that’s when she’ll start to get horny.

Even though it’s hard to distinguish the right moves to do to get her horny, there still are some common ways to get her where she needs to be. Trust me, you don’t need a degree for this. Just check out my tips below and you’ll be on your way to getting her hormonal juices flowing in no time.

Start using your hands if you haven’t already.

When I say this, I don’t mean use your hands in her vaginal area. What I really mean is use your hands to intertwine them with hers. Let me explain.

There are over 40,000 nerve endings in the palm of a woman’s hand. 40,000! In turn, there are 40,000 nerve endings in your hands, too. This means the near touch of your hand will make her feel nice. Hold her hand if you’re crossing the street together, or wrap your fingers around hers if you’re watching a movie together.

You could even try massaging her hands, or other areas of her body. This will arouse you more than you think.

Water makes her happy, too.

I’m not talking about going in the shower together. I am talking about being in an area where water is present. That means you could take her to a lake, a pond, a beach, a bathtub, or even a bird bath.

Some Random & Some Not-So-Random Ways to Turn Her OnI know what you’re wondering, “What does water have to do with sexual arousal?” Well, it helps calm the nerves of most women. Additionally, it helps calm those so-called libido-killing jitters she may have. This means that she’ll most likely open up to you sexually when she’s around water.

Have thrilling experiences with her.

All activities that produce adrenaline make us hyperaware, it’s a fact. Why is that? Well, it’s because during thrilling experiences, our breath tends to speed up and our hearts tend to race. These circumstances are the same for when we’re under the light of sexual arousal; our breath does speed up and our hearts do race when we’re about to have sex.

This, in turn, means that things such as scary movies, zip lining, and roller coasters can be major turn-ons.

Break out a cucumber.

Did you know that certain scents provoke sexual arousal? One of them being a cucumber. That means that the scent of cucumber, and oddly enough the additional scent of licorice, allow for more vaginal blood flow.

Try it out, it may surprise you.

Indulge her fantasies.

According to some studies, women think about sex approximately 20 times a day. And, according to some recent findings, one in three women have a secret fantasy they’ve been dying to try with you, but they’re too scared to bring up. So, if you’d have to take any advice from me on this topic, take this: Talk to her about her fantasies. Watch her kind of porn. Buy her some books she can look into. Ask her what she’s into.

Lower those lights.

There’s no psychological proof that dimming the lights turns women, or men, on. However, it is a no-brainer that dimming the lights can relax the body, mind, and soul. Which, when you’re relaxed, makes you want to have sex and relax even more.

Get hot and sweaty together.

Now, I don’t mean turn the air conditioning off in the middle of summer to get sweaty with one another, that’s pure torture. Instead, I mean go to the gym, workout, or go do an outdoor activity together that gets you moving. Why should you do this? Well, because being physical together, and sweating while being physical together, gets sexual desire flowing. In addition, it makes the body more sensitive to the sensation of touch, making a simple interaction turn into sexual tension.

So, get to the gym then go straight home to the bedroom and try it out.

Start cleaning up.

Some Random & Some Not-So-Random Ways to Turn Her OnIt means just what it says; start cleaning together. Supposedly, according to some studies, couples who clean together experience more of a sexual satisfaction from one another. And, if you’re interested in helping her around the house, she’ll think you’re genuinely interested in her, too. This will make her even more sexually attracted to you.

Try to do a sex fast once in a while.

Believe it or not, pausing your sex life has some great benefits. Do you remember that old saying that states, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder?’  Well, the same applies for sex; if you stop having sex, your sex life will grow stronger.

In order for this to work, though, you have to stay away from all forms of sex, including masturbation. If you do this, the chase of sex with one another will be more enjoyable.

Sleep a little more.

Did you know that a good night’s sleep actually boosts a woman’s libido? Well, it does. In fact, just a simple extra hour of sleep can greatly increase her desire to have sex with you. So, allow her to sleep in or to go to bed early once every few days, you’ll thank me later.

Hope this helps!


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