Why Supplements Are Important Even If You Eat Healthy

by John Esposito
Why Supplements Are Important Even If You Eat Healthy
It is true that even when you’re eating healthy, you’re still not guaranteed that you’re on your best condition. For this very reason, health supplements come into play. These make up for any lost nutrients caused by you, food industry and the environment in general. Here are some of the reasons why taking supplements is more important than ever, especially in this day and age:

Soil Depletion

You may think your health is secured because you 141b dry soileat healthy and consume lots of fruits and vegetables. However, you also have to consider the fact that these fruits and vegetables may be planted on soils that have inadequate mineral content. This is because when foods are cultivated repeatedly in the same spot of land, it is a natural occurrence that the mineral content of that soil becomes depleted. For this reason, the consumption of organic foods also becomes more crucial. Organic farming means that crop rotating is practiced in order to avoid the exhaustion of soils.

Delivery Duration

It’s pretty obvious that the fruits at supermarkets are not totally fresh. Most of these come from other countries and they take weeks or even months before they’re delivered to grocery stores. Imagine the amount of nutrients lost in that! It’s better to purchase fruits from local growers to lessen the duration of transit. This is also to make sure that the food you eat actually nourishes you and not just fills you.

Overcooked Food

Most of us overcook our food because we want it to be tasty, but this practice compromises the nutritional content of our food. This means lesser vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and lesser nutrients in general. Sadly, cooking makes our food empty when it comes to nutrition. Cooking satisfies our physical cravings for food, savoring all the flavors and spices, but that’s all. No nutrition, no health benefits, nothing.

Irregular Eating

Everyone’s guilty of skipping meals. The fast-paced living of today has taught us to treat coffee and a doughnut a decent breakfast, even though they’re not. Essentially speaking this combination will never be a meal, much more a healthy one. Making it up later with fast food digs you a deeper hole in terms of health complications. You don’t want to be consistent with this habit.

Digestion Troubles

It is natural that as we become older, our bodies manufacture fewer enzymes, even the crucial ones required for proper digestion and integration of the foods we consume. This eventually leads to stomach issues like reflux, stomach upset, and chronic constipation.


Stress is part in each one of us. It will always be 141c stressed guy at workthere no matter what. Professional and personal responsibilities are something we cannot run away from and they turn into these burdens that make our lives more mentally and emotionally complicated. The sad thing is that accumulation of all this stress takes a toll in our health. The burdens of the mind become the burdens of the body. This, of course, weakens our immune system. Luckily, there are supplements that can bring our immunity’s former glory and even help our body handle stress more efficiently.

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