Surviving Awkwardness During Sex

by John Esposito
woman refusing sex from partner asking
From time to time you may have awkwardness during sex. Yes, it is true. You may be a master in bed but sometimes there are going to be awkward times that you need to survive. You may be embarrassed when someone walks in on you or when you have drunk too much alcohol and can’t get it up. However, don’t act too mortified. You can easily get past this awkwardness during sex. Reading about some common scenarios will help you to see just how cool you can make any awkwardness look.

The Fun Doesn’t Last Long Enough

preview-full-sex-love-life-2011-01-0113-09-relationship-benefits_liYou are going all about your business and you get off way too fast. Yikes. She is never going to come back to you again. Right? Well, you just go very excited and it was all over too fast. You can deal with this. Men are going to have premature ejaculation at some points in their sex life. If this is just an occasional thing for you, you don’t need to worry. You can and should still please your sexual partner. Just because you were done early, doesn’t mean the fun must be. You can tease her, massage her and still bring her to an orgasm even though you finished first.

There Wasn’t Time to Take a Shower

So, you have a lover who came over by surprise and you didn’t have time to take a shower first. You may be dirty from work or sweaty from working out. Either way you don’t need to worry. You can deal with this situation as well. Make sex more playful by inviting her to take a shower with you. She will think you are being sexy and romantic when you really just don’t want her to smell you stinky. It is a win-win for both of you.

You Drank Too Much Booze

If you are a drinker, you know there are going to be times when you drink too much booze. You had a fun night out with your buddies and you come home. Now your sex life is paying for it. You can’t even get an erection. Wow, is that embarrassing or what? Don’t worry, you can deal with this. This happens to most men sometimes. If you are going to drink and you know you won’t be able to get it up, tell your woman this night is all about her. Tell her she is the only one getting pleasure that night because you want to show her she means something to you.

You Make a Stinky One

Yes, some men happen to fart when they are having sex. This may sound disgusting but if it happens to you, you know the embarrassment that may come along with it. If the smell is killing any mood that is in the room, you need to deal with this. Say excuse me quickly but do not apologize. This is letting her know you acknowledge you did it but she doesn’t expect you to apologize for something natural.

You Were Interrupted

man getting red card in bedYou were in the middle of having hot and heavy sex and someone interrupted you. The mood is now killed. What are you supposed to do? You can deal with this quite easily. Kiss on your woman after someone walks out. If you lost your erection because of this, let her know you will make it up to her times ten. If you want to prevent this in the future, make sure your door is locked. Use play and practice being as quiet as possible or having sex in odd places where you can’t get interrupted. You are going to have some awkwardness during sex. It is up to you to find ways to deal with it. What are you going to do in any of these kinds of situations? If you just bail, you certainly won’t be getting sex with her again. Make up for it and find a solution. You don’t have to kill your sex life because of these awkward situations. Find a way out of all of them with simple but sexy maneuver. Your lady will be attracted to you all the more because you do that.

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