How to Tell She’s Faking an Orgasm

by John Esposito
preview-full-shutterstock_420268945 woman faking orgasmMen love to make women happy in the bedroom; to be honest, it’s a huge turn-on. However, let’s be frank, most men just don’t know if they are doing the right thing to get the real response from their women. It may look like an orgasm, hell, it might even sound like one, but how do you know if you’re really hitting all her pleasure buttons or if she’s really just trying to get it over and done with. Here are a few warning signs that she’s just not really that into it and it’s time to either cut your losses or step your game up.
  1. It’s the perfect show
We all know that our orgasm faces really aren’t always that pleasant and that when it comes to the anticipated moment of climax, all kinds of bizarre and unusual sounds and patterns of breathing are on the table. However, if you’re having sex with a lady and she seems to be breathing evenly and is relaxed as a summer’s holiday, the likelihood is that she’s putting on a show for you. No matter the decibel level, those screams don’t tell the truth if they are coming at a regular rate, with a cute little button face to go with it. When a girl is really reaching that climax, she looks as wild and unconcerned as you do.
  1. She speeds up
Often when a woman is not really enjoying her side of the deal, she’s looking to get you off quicker so she can get the whole ordeal over with. As callous as it sounds, often women know the right tricks to make you climax so they can roll over and get some sleep. If she sees that you’re getting closer to the edge, she’s likely to speed up with you, reverting to harder thrusting motions and faster movement, just to bring you right to the very edge in the next 60 seconds.
  1. She slips into your favorite position
If you start to see that bored look on her face or that her attention is draining away, and all over a sudden she’s jumped into the position she knows drives you wild, she’s speeding up your process. Yes, perhaps she does have all the ‘O’ sounds to give the impression she’s committing, but it’s likely she’s edging you closer to finish and she knows just the way to do it.
  1. She’s composed instantly afterward
preview-full-25-woman-orgasm.w529.h352Everyone has that post-orgasm moment of disorientation; don’t let any girl fool you into thinking otherwise. Some people may say that a fake orgasmer will be distant after your little encounter, or won’t get eye contact. Be wary of the woman who can jump straight out of bed and get straight on with her daily tasks. It’s a sure sign that all that noise and calamity was a show to make you finish up so she could get on. The lesson here is to pay attention to your partner. Notice when she responds to certain positions or movements that keep her engaged. If a woman is about to orgasm for real, she finds what she likes and she will want to stick with it. If she’s all over the place and quick to move, she’s probably taking you for a ride.

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