The 4 Most Common Reasons Why Men Can’t Father Children

by John Esposito
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            Male infertility is a frustrating condition that can cause severe psychological distress for you and your partner. Just like sexual prowess, fertility is also typically associated with manliness and virility. For many men, telling them that they can’t father children is similar to telling them that they’re not a man at all.

            Fortunately, there are now several options for men with fertility problems. The bad news, however, is that treatment can be quite costly. Your options for treatment will greatly depend on the reason why you can’t successfully impregnate your partner. Take a look at the 4 most common reasons why men have difficulties conceiving.

1. You Don’t Produce Healthy Sperm

            The health of your sperm significantly affects your chances of successful fertilization. Sperm health is comprised of several elements such as sperm morphology and sperm viability.

            Sperm morphology refers to the structure of your spermatozoa. A sperm cell with a normal size and shape has a higher chance of successfully fertilizing the egg cell. The structure of the sperm cell is crucial to its function. Hence, a sperm cell with an abnormal morphology may have impaired functions.

            A sperm cell with an abnormal structure may not live long enough to reach the egg cell, or it may not be able to travel toward the egg cell at all. Even if it reaches the egg cell, an abnormally shaped sperm cell may not be able to penetrate the egg cell to fertilize it.

            In order for your sperm to be considered morphologically normal, it needs to have a long tail and an oval head. There are many types of abnormal sperm structure, but they’re usually classified into head defects, neck and mid-piece defects, and tail defects.

The 4 Most Common Reasons Why Men Can’t Father Children            Head defects include large or small head, detached head, small acrosome, and the absence of an acrosome. Any head defect will impair the sperm cell’s ability to penetrate the egg. This means that if a sperm cell with a head defect reaches your partner’s egg cell, it will most likely be unable to penetrate for successful fertilization.

            Neck defects include bent neck, thin or thick neck, and asymmetric neck. Tail defects include short tail, coiled tail, broken tail, and double tail. Tail defects will adversely affect your sperm cell’s ability to swim toward the egg cell. So if you have a large number of spermatozoa with tail defects, your sperm motility rate may be low.

2. Your Tubes are not Transporting Your Sperm

            From your testicles, your sperm needs to be transported so that your spermatozoa can get mixed with the seminal fluid produced by your sex accessory organs. Your epididymis and vas deferens are important tubes that are involved in the transportation of your sperm from your testes to your urethra and out of your penis.

            Any blockage in any of these tubes means that your sperm is not properly carried out of your penis when you ejaculate. Epididymal blockages, vas deferens blockages, and urethral blockages are causes of obstructive infertility. Obstructive infertility may be corrected through surgery or sperm samples may be retrieved from the testicles for use in IVF.

            The obstruction in your sperm’s path prevents your sperm from getting mixed with your semen and being ejaculated out of your sex organ and into your partner’s vagina. Men with obstructive infertility often suffer from azoospermia or the absence of any live sperm cells in the ejaculated semen.

3. You Don’t Produce Enough Sperm

            Although it’s one of the most common male fertility problems, there are many men with oligospermia or low sperm count who have been able to father children. It’s just that when your sperm count or sperm concentration is low, it drastically reduces your chances of being able to successfully conceive.

            Oligospermia means that there are less than 15 million spermatozoa in one milliliter of your ejaculate. When the count is between zero and 5 million, then it’s considered severe oligospermia.

            There are many factors that can contribute to oligospermia including impaired testicular function. When your testicles are not functioning well, either due to a hormonal imbalance or a physiological cause like varicocele, your sperm production also suffers.

4. Your Spermatozoa are Unable to Move Properly

            Sperm motility is one of the factors that are examined whenever you get your sperm analyzed. That’s because your spermatozoa need to be able to swim well toward the egg cell in order for fertilization to occur.

            Tail defects are one of the most common causes of poor sperm motility. When your sperm cell’s tail is crooked or broken, it won’t be able to swim forward properly. A sperm cell with a tail defect may end up swimming in circles, or it may not be moving at all.

            Oxidative stress induced by free radicals and reactive oxygen species is another common cause of poor sperm motility. When you have high levels of oxidative stress, it means that there are a lot of reactive oxygen species and free radicals that are attaching to your sperm.

The 4 Most Common Reasons Why Men Can’t Father Children            Once these damaging compounds bind with your sperm, it will result in several negative effects. For instance, your sperm cell’s tail may become crooked. The head of your sperm cell may become detached.

            The genetic material contained in your sperm may also become fragmented or damaged. Any of these damages can lead to poor sperm motility as well as impaired sperm function.

Increasing Your Fertility

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