Tips for Healthier Eating at Holiday Meals

by John Esposito
The holidays are coming up fast around the corner and with that you need to make sure you are keeping up with any nutritional plan you have going. Holiday meals are often so tasty but you need to make sure you are keeping up with healthier eating even during the holiday meals. How are you going to do this? It may seem impossible but there are some tips that you can use today to make sure you accomplish this.

tips-on-holiday-stress-eating-01-pg-fullHave Some Things

You should never deny yourself when it comes to holiday meals. It may seem very unhealthy but you already know what foods you are going to want when it comes to the holidays. Denying yourself is just going to make you upset and you may slack on your nutritional plan for months after because of that. If you keep your holiday meal eating under control, you can do alright.

Have a Plan

If you have a plan for the holiday meals, you can keep things under control. You may want to make your own dinner and have others over. You may want to decide if you are going somewhere else that you will have one plate with a bit of everything you like but no more. You can fill it with foods you enjoy so you get the tasty meal without overdoing yourself. You can even get a few desserts on that plate just make sure you aren’t going back for seconds.

Healthier Substitutions

When you are making food for a holiday meal, you can make healthier substitutions. Others probably won’t even notice. You can use butter and not margarine. You can use less butter than what is required. You can use less sugar in the majority of recipes that need it. You can use white flour and wheat flour, make recipes with half of each. Don’t use as much cheese as a recipe requires. These are just some of the ways you can make healthier substitutions. Think about this as you are planning a holiday meal.

Have Activities

If you are planning a holiday meal, plan other activities. This will get everyone distracted so they stop eating which means you get to stop eating without being singled out. You can socialize, play some games or even read something about the U.S. history of Thanksgiving. You can have the family and friends go for a walk together.

holiday-foodBalancing Calories

You can learn how to balance your calories on Thanksgiving meals and when Christmas comes up as well. You usually will eat more during holiday meals so just make sure you are balancing meals on the holidays. Pay attention to the types of foods you are eating so you can balance out tasty foods and healthier foods.


Having thankfulness for the holiday meals is one way for you to keep things under control. When you are just thankful that you have the food, family and friends you are much more likely to stay in your mental state of living more nutritiously. Now that you have the tips for healthier eating at holiday meals keep them in mind with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. They are important and can help you to stay healthy.

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