Tips to Help Please Your Woman

by John Esposito
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We all know that sometimes the bedroom can get a little boring, although we will never admit to it. Make sure that you are keeping things alive for both you and your partner by shaking things up every once in a while. Here are a few tips to help please your woman.

Get educated

The first time you enter the bedroom, you will not be the best lover ever. Nor will you be the 20th time or the 200th time. It is important to keep learning when it comes to the bedroom. You need to be able to be patient, because learning how to please your woman takes time and practice. Even if you think you have everything down, you probably don’t. There is a lot of material out there that you can read to brush up on your bedroom skills.

She’s unique

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Every woman that you have sexual encounters with is unique, and I’m sure that you can attest to that. No matter if you have been with your wife for 30 years or you and your girlfriend have only been together a few months, it is important to note how unique your woman is. You need to remember that just because it worked on someone else, does not mean that it will work for her. You should pay close attention to what she likes. Experiment a little with her and soon enough you will notice all the little things that drive her crazy.

Do not ever compare her to someone else. Your past partners can be good learning experiences, but never ever remind her that you have been with others. You will not change her preferences by mentioning what past women have liked, so keep your mouth shut and learn what she likes.

You two probably won’t work the same

As you have probably found out, a woman’s sexuality is much different than a man’s. Sometimes it takes a long time for a woman to get turned on. Make sure that you are ready for this and that it will take some time to get her going. You need to remember that it is much easier for a man to orgasm than it is for a woman to. Be patient with her and it will pay off for you in the long run.

You should care about her pleasure too

You need to care about her experience as much as you care about yours. If you have never really cared about your partner’s experience before, you should try it. So many more good things happen when you are both happy in bed together. It can help the sex and your relationship. It is good to make others feel good. Make sure that you are always respecting her boundaries. If you choose to push it too far, and then keep pushing, she will shut down immediately and you do not want that in the midst of getting busy.

Don’t pressure her

If she is just not feeling it, don’t pressure her. Never make a woman feel uncomfortable about sex. This can lead to you never getting any again. As stated above, we don’t all work the same and it can take much longer for a woman to get there. Take your time with her, unless you want her to shut down completely and cut you off. If it feels like it is an expectation she will probably never let you in there again, or at least not for the rest of the night. Make sure that you are being patient with her and you will experience better sex than you have ever had before. Sometimes it is not bad to go for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Communication is key

couple having sex woman is pleasuredYou need to ask her what she likes. She may be a little shy at first, but as you two get closer, she will be more likely to tell you exactly what she wants. This can make things so much easier as you two will be in sync and be having a good time. You need to be open and honest with your communication. It sounds cheesy, but trust me it will change things in the bedroom for the better.

If she does not like her body be sensitive

Sometimes it is hard to love yourself, whether you want to admit it or not. For both men and women, we are constantly be pressured to fit into the ideal standards of beauty. Women, it seems, are more affected by this type of advertising and expectations. Even if you think that she is the most beautiful creature on the planet, she probably struggles with her body image.

Make sure that you tell her how beautiful you think she is, but don’t push it, as compliments are nice but not always welcome. The way she feels about her body can affect how much she is enjoying the sex. To make sure that you guys are having the best sex possible, you should listen to her. For example, if she wants the lights off, keep them off, don’t make her feel uncomfortable by turning them on. You do not need to make her feel more self-confident, but the little things you do, like listen to her and love her, can get her where she needs to be.

Being sex positive is key

When I say this I mean that you need to be comfortable with having sex, but respect that she may not be as comfortable. Never ever shame her, or another woman, about their body or preferences. Even if you are feeling a certain way about someone’s opinion, it can severely change her perspective of you. You should let your woman make her own decisions, especially when it comes to her opinions on sexuality. Never make her feel ashamed for not agreeing with you about something. If you want to keep her in your life, you will respect her in and out of the bedroom.

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