Tired of Planks? Stand for Better Abs!

by John Esposito
Are you always doing planks while trying to get better abs? If so, this is very common. Many men think that planks alone are going to give them better abs. The truth is that while planks work for building ab muscles, they can get boring. If you are getting bored with the exercises you are doing, you are likely to quit doing them. If you stop working out with planks, you aren’t going to build abs if that is the only think you are doing. When you get tired of planks, you can stand for better abs. There are numerous ab exercises you can do while standing up.

Side Bends with Dumbbells

preview-full-bendtherulesarticle side bend absOne of the best things you can do to stand up and build your abs is side bends while holding dumbbells. When you do this, you are enabling muscles in various areas of your body. You are working your arms, shoulder, abs and even leg muscles too. Try to do 10 to 20 of these for each side daily.

Core Stabilization

Another way to get better abs while standing is with core stabilization. This can be done while laying down but that is what you got bored of in the first place. To practice core stabilization while standing, you will hold one weight together in front of you with both hands. You will then stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then you are going to turn your body from side to side without turning your hips or legs at all. Try to do 10 to 20 of these in each direction daily.

Bow Extensions

preview-full-wood-chopStart building better abs today with bow extensions. These are excellent for your abs and leg muscles too. In this exercise, you will hold one weight together with both hands above your head. Your feet will be shoulder length apart. When you pull the weight down to stomach level, you will pull one knee up to meet the weight. You will do this 10 to 20 times for one leg and then switch to doing it with your other leg as well.

Dumbbell Chops

You can also do dumbbell chops to get better abs. The best ones to do are actually the reverse dumbbell chops. You will hold one weight above your head to one side and then chop it down like an ax. You do this by turning your upper body to one side and lowering your hands to knee level. You should be doing 10 to 20 of these for each side. Building abs can be done with so many exercises. If you are tired of laying down or doing planks, you can start doing exercises that involve standing instead. These can be a lot more fun and require more movements so you don’t get bored too. If you like the idea of moving more and activating your abs while standing, you should try the combination of exercises you read about here today. If the reps recommended are too easy for you, certainly feel free to increase the numbers each day. You can mix and match these exercises as well. You don’t have to do them in this order to make them work for you. Make them fun. Do them for a whole song you listen to.

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