Top 15 Traditional Essential Oils for Better Bedroom Performance

by John Esposito
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In a recent study, one-third of the respondents were reported to have sexual desire problems. This is far from simply losing interest in sex, but something that has to do with the difficulty of connecting to one’s sexuality, which leads to low sex drive.

Luckily, the internet is full of tips and techniques to increase one’s libido. A few of them include exercise, the right diet, and stress management skills. While all these things are helpful, there is still another effective technique to boost your mood and increase not just your bedroom performance but also that of your partner’s. This technique has been in use since ancient times.

The use of aromatic plants or aromatherapy has been around since ancient times and in different cultures. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sensuality, filled her love den with aromatic rose petals while Kamasutra heralded the use of scents in the bedroom.

Our sense of smell has a direct effect on our emotional state and sensuality. The olfactory bulb at the back of our nose is full of nerve endings that easily get stimulated once they’re exposed to powerfully arousing scents. This olfactory bulb, in turn, stimulates the limbic system in our brain, which ultimately triggers libido. The activation of the pituitary gland, which controls hormone production, follows and leads to increased sex drive.

Essentially, aromatherapy oils work like magic when used in the bedroom. They can fire you up in no time whenever the small molecules of oil enter into your bloodstream and carried throughout the body. If you’re yet to try essential oils in the bedroom, starting with the following scents is best:

1. Ylang-Ylang

passionate kissYlang-ylang is popular for its aphrodisiac properties. It’s known to increase libido, attraction, energy, and sexual excitement. A small amount of this oil is safe to use while too much of it may cause nausea or headaches. Placing a cotton bud dipped in ylang-ylang oil is enough to bring you and your partner into ecstatic states.

2. Rose Otto

Rose Otto works best for women. It’s found to create balance in hormones, has tonic effects on the reproductive system as well as boost sexuality. This is the best oil to use when giving your partner an erotic massage.

3. Amyris or West Indian Sandalwood

Amyris is the best oil to use when dealing with bedroom performance anxiety. This oil is said to ease irritability, frustration, and sexual tension. Aromatherapists suggest that Amyris works best when combined with ylang-ylang.

4. Benzoin

Benzoin is the best choice for couples since it provides the same sensual effects to both males and females alike. Benzoin’s vanilla-like smell enhances sexual excitement.

5. Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian rose is best known for its substantial benefits on hair, skin, body, and health. Since rose has a close affiliation to love way back, using the scent in the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere isn’t new. There’s only one catch, Bulgarian rose oil is quite pricey compared to other essential oils. But then a drop is enough to give your partner that romantic feel. Besides, this oil is known to enhance emotional vigor while supporting the reproductive and circulatory systems. It’s still worth its price.

6. Rosewood

If you’re looking for a scent that can boost your confidence in the bedroom, go for rosewood essential oil. The strength of rosewood lies in providing you emotional empowerment, boosting your mood, and making you the confident person that you can be.

7. Cananga

Cananga essential oil helps you break down any emotional barriers in the bedroom by reducing sexual anxiety and enhancing ecstatic states. In traditional times, Cananga was used to treat depression, anxiety, impotence, insect bites, and even high blood pressure. Hence, when you use Cananga, you’re not only enhancing your sexual desire but also your body’s health.

8. Cinnamon

When used alone, the cinnamon scent brings warmth and fond memories. But when mixed with spiced oils and florals, it stimulates the sensual senses. The cinnamon oil is also useful for circulatory organs.

9. Jasmine

Jasmine is another mood-enhancing oil that also works to increase your energy levels. It’s also used by our ancestors to treat impassivity, impotence, and premature ejaculation. For best results, blend it with sandalwood, citrus, and rose oils to enhance erogenous effects.

10. Neroli

If you’re looking for an aphrodisiac powerhouse, grab for a neroli oil. It’s known to work effectively in seduction and flirtations and combat frigidity. It’s also popular in increasing women’s libido.

11. Lavender

lavender essential oilsLavender helps with circulation, especially in increasing the blood flow to the genitals. A hot bath with your partner and a drop or two of lavender oil can provide you a perfect and sensual night together.

12. Clary Sage

Clary sage has relaxing and soothing properties that help you sleep better. But don’t worry, you won’t fall asleep or feel groggy during sex because clary sage oil contains sclareol, which acts like estrogen, the hormone that fuels sex drive in women.

13. Damiana

Damiana, known as the “Herb of Love”, is famous for its aphrodisiac properties. The ancient Mayans used this herb to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, and also to provide energy and vigor for Mayan warriors. Because of its important role in sexuality, Damiana is ranked second to chocolate as the most powerful sexual tonic and stimulator. Damiana oils are also used for sensual massage.

14. Nutmeg

When it comes to calming your nerves in romantic situations, nutmeg got your back. This essential oil helps calm your nerves, releases tension, and fights nervousness. When too stressed, you don’t need to worry about your libido levels. A drop or two of nutmeg oils can help ease you up and be prepared for sexual activity.

15. Fennel

Aside from its culinary and medicinal use, fennel’s magic also works in women’s sexual satisfaction. And this dates back to ancient times. Fennel is used as a libido booster in ancient Egypt, though in ancient China, Fennel is popular as the best antidote for snake bites. Eventually, fennel has been used as one of the active ingredients in love potions. And in recent times, fennel has a reputation to work as a stimulant and aphrodisiac for women. Giving your partner an erotic massage using fennel oil will surely fire her up leading to better and longer sex.

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