Top Reasons Why You Gain Weight Easily

by John Esposito
Being overweight or obese has its disadvantages. There’s nothing wrong with being overweight or obesity except for the fact that it has drawbacks on the person’s health. It is common in men and usually has a negative effect on mental health because of social stigma. It impacts the person’s self-esteem and they usually get rude remarks and bullying from other people. Some overweight people find it hard to lose weight even if weight gain is easy for them. This is just one disadvantage of being overweight and we will discuss more in this article.  


  overweight man with tape measure can start using ProgentraThere are health risks for obese people. Being overweight increases the risk for many health problems because obesity is a complex disease. For pregnant obese women, they aren’t the only ones at risk; they can even put their child into short or long-term health problems. Weight gain is easy for overweight people, it is the shedding of fat that is hard to do. For men, obesity lowers their testosterone level which is responsible for the development of their manly features and characteristics which include body and hair growth, deepening of the voice, muscle mass, bone density, etc. A low testosterone level can lead to erectile dysfunction and these are only just the effect of obesity in the reproductive function and we are about to discuss its health risks.  

High blood pressure

Because of the increase in body weight, blood pressure also rises. Hypertension happens in obese people because of the increase in fatty tissues that cause vascular resistance that also increases the pump of the heart for the blood flow.


Overweight people are also at risk for diabetes; type 2 diabetes to be specific. Type 2 diabetes happens when the pancreas still produces insulin but the cells cannot use glucose for energy. Obesity causes insulin resistance. It causes stress in the endoplasmic reticulum reason why it suppresses the signals of insulin receptors.


Obesity increases the chance of the two major causes of stroke. The inflammation because of the excess fat in the body leads to poor blood flow and potential blockages which are what causes a stroke.

Cardiovascular disease

An increase in body fat causes heart diseases because it contributes to atrial enlargement, ventricular enlargement, and atherosclerosis.


The risk for cancer is higher the more weight the person gains. Losing small pounds is a big help to decrease the risk of cancer and other health conditions. Excess weight can cause the following cancer types: breast cancer, bowel cancer, womb cancer, oesophageal, kidney cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, gallbladder cancer, ovarian cancer, gastric cardia, thyroid cancer, myeloma, and meningioma.

Sleep apnea

The fatty deposits, which are caused by increasing pressure on upper airways, contribute to decreased lung volume that makes it harder to breathe. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where breathing repeatedly stops and resumes.


Excess fat can make the person develop osteoarthritis because of the load on the cartilage and bone.

Fatty liver disease

Obesity causes insulin resistance and excess fat also causes inflammatory signals. The pancreas has to produce more insulin to be able to maintain a normal blood glucose level if there is insulin resistance.

Kidney disease

Since obesity causes diabetes and high blood pressure and these two are the main causes of kidney disease, it can also directly affect the kidneys as well; making the person at risk for kidney disease.  


  man with big belly view from belowSome people might find it hard to gain weight. However, other people, specifically overweight people, gain weight effortlessly. How is weight gain an easy task for them? Protein supplements and medication can result in weight gain. Weight gain can also be caused by underlying health conditions but if health conditions aren’t the cause, then it might be because of obsessive eating or stress eating, slowed metabolism, lesser physical activity or none at all, sleep-deprived, water retention, or mental health conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Other people may also experience weight gain when they quit smoking suddenly. Rapid weight gain and an enlarged abdomen may also be a sign of cirrhosis. Thyroid disorder can also slow down a person’s metabolism, resulting in weight gain. Staying up late and not being able to have a good night’s sleep also contributes to weight gain. People suffering from insomnia too, are most likely to experience weight gain. Too much stress also affects your weight. Suffering from too much stress also makes you gain weight so it is important to take a break from time to time to feel relieved. Another reason why you might be gaining weight is that you are overeating nutritious and healthy foods. It is important to mind the portion size of your meals. Dehydration can also lead to weight gain so remember to stay hydrated and to always drink water. Water is an important part of the body so a regular intake is a must. Exercising but not practicing a healthy diet won’t do anything good too. It will only just make you gain weight more so hit the gym and get eat a healthy diet afterward. Restrain yourself from junk foods as well as it will not only damage your teeth, it will also not help with your goal to shed off fat. If you’re taking medications, you can ask your doctor if it also contributes to your weight gain.  


  Weight gain is good news for underweight and malnourished people. For people with excessive fats in their bodies, their goal must be to get rid of it because again, even if there is nothing wrong with being obese, it is a disease that needs to be taken care of. It makes the person vulnerable to a lot of health conditions which may worsen if the person gains more weight. Overweight people don’t necessarily have to shed a lot of fat. A little change in their weight gain is already a good thing, but continuously losing weight until they achieve a normal weight should be their goal.

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