Want a Better Sex Life? Talk About It!

by John Esposito
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You may have been thinking about your sex life and hoping that it would get better somehow. Maybe you thought having sex more often would make your sex life better. Maybe you thought that you needed a different sexual partner. The truth is that talking about sex can help you to have a better sex life. Sometimes you may not be on the same page with your sexual partner. It is important if you are going to have a better sex life that this happens. Find out more about this right now!


preview-full-shutterstock_38625241 couple sex in bed kissingYou should start by talking about the satisfaction that both of you have with each other. Sometimes one of you may not feel as satisfied as you would like. Maybe she isn’t feel pleasure like she would like to. You might not be feeling like she is giving your pleasure as much attention as you would like. By talking about the satisfaction that both of you have, you can work on this together and have a better sex life.

Great Sex to the Both of You

preview-full-shutterstock_147602774 woman piggyback naked coupleYou need to know that both of you are having great sex together. If this isn’t happening there might be something holding you back. Sex may mean something differently to her and she may feel as if you are just looking at it as an act or vice versa. You might feel like she doesn’t want to have sex as much as she used to. These are things you both need to talk about if you are going to have a better sex life. Both of you need to think the sex is great or something needs to change. If one of you feels like something is lacking, work together to find a solution for that issue.

Talking to Each Other

The times that you talk to each other seriously should not just be about sex if you want to have a better sex life. You should talk to each other on a regular basis about everything and anything. Just talking about things that are serious is going to lead to some tension between the both of you. Talk about daily things and laugh together. By talking to each other more often about anything, you will bond closer and this can make your sex life better. The most important thing about talking to each other more is making sure you are talking at the right times. If she has just brought up her feelings about something, those should be addressed. If you have something you are feeling, bring that up at another time. If you contrast or ignore her feelings, your sex life is going to get worse. Also, remember not to criticize her when talking.

Confiding in Each Other

When there are changes in feelings, thoughts or emotions regarding anything confide in each other. If you are feel insecure hiding that from her isn’t going to do either of you any good. Also, by hiding those types of things, you are going to put a block in between the two of you making your sex life worse and not better. She is going to trust you more if you confide in her as well. Make sure when confiding in each other that you are honest. Honesty is another turn on for women.

Love and Sex

Many men think that if they have sex with a woman they will feel special. No, that is not going to work, at least not for most women. You must not think that love and sex are going to go hand in hand with each other. Now that you have found out how you can have a better sex life, you can start talking about it more with your sexual partner!

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