Want to Live Longer? Here Are Some Ways to Do That!

by John Esposito
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Unfortunately, there are many people who pass away well before their time. It may be due to old age, health issues or an unfortunate accident. If you want to live longer, there are some ways you can increase your chances of doing that. You see, many people who pass away due to a car wreck don’t wear seat belts. This does not assume they are at fault but there are precautions that are taken to prevent fatal accidents. There are those who pass away from health issues. In some cases, they could have taken precautions and lived healthier. There are so many ways that you can increase your life expectancy. Yes, there are going to be accidents. However, living with the thought that you can stay on this earth longer is the best way to think about things.

preview-full-3-laughterMove Purposefully

For most people, they get up and eat. They move around at work. You may get up to do a household chore. This is moving because you must. What if you were to move purposefully? Don’t move just because you must; move because you want to and because you need to. The more you move, the longer you live. Statistics have shown for years that those who are more active are likely to have a longer life expectancy.

Best Outlook on life

Think about the things you do each day. Are you constantly in a rush to get places? Do you stress about your job or meeting deadlines? Do you worry that you can’t keep up with all the household work? If these are the ways that you view your life, this needs to change if you want to improve your life expectancy. Take time to cool down and even meditate. It does help, you will see. Have a purpose in life besides rushing around and working constantly. Stress and anxiety are some of the leading factors of passing away early. Don’t let that happen in your life.

Eating Better

Another way you can live longer is to eat better. If you do drink wine; only do it with moderation. You should have a diet that is more plant-based and when you do eat meat only do so in smaller portions. Another great tip for eating better is to quit eating when you are 80% filled. Don’t eat until you are entirely full. It takes your body a bit to adjust to being full. Many people do pass away because they don’t eat well or they eat too much. You don’t have to risk this in your life if you choose to eat better.

preview-full-shutterstock_150353600 biking cyclingConnections

Think about your connections. The people who surround you impact your life whether you think so or not. If you are around those who are negative all the time, your moods are likely to decline. You are less likely to care about happiness and joy in your life. Take part in support groups, pay attention to those who love you and stick with positive people. This will help you live longer and live a more joyful life as well. As you think about how long you will live, think about all the things that are mentioned here today as well. Maybe you are concerned because of people in your family passing away early. Just know that you have some control over increasing your life expectancy and with these tips you can do that.

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