Do You Have Weak Erections? Change That Starting Now!

by John Esposito
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You may not have thought so but many men suffer from weak erections and a variety of other erectile dysfunction issues. Now, maybe you won’t feel so alone knowing this. The great thing is that there are some things you can do to get rid of weak erections and get harder erections guaranteed. If you have weak erections, you already know how much that messes with your self-esteem. You already know the embarrassment it causes you when you are trying to keep it up for your woman. If you want all that embarrassment and disappointment to end, make sure you follow through with these tips to get harder and stronger erections!

Eating Darker Berries

sexualhealth-weakerectionYes, darker berries do help you to have harder and stronger erections. You may have never thought about this before but studies and research show it is true. When you eat things such as elderberries, blueberries and blackberries, you are taking in antioxidant anthocyanins which create the healthier nitric oxides in your blood. This is extremely important because it basically lifts your penis into a harder erection and helps you stay aroused for longer. When the anthocyanins attach free radicals in your body, the nitric oxide is lowered which gives you more power to add into your sex life. Eat those berries to show her what she has been missing!

Reducing Stress Levels

You may have noticed that when you are more stressed, your erections are weaker. This happens to many men and it may make you feel ashamed. If you want to start picking up the amazement and pleasure in the bedroom, you need to reduce your stress levels. You see, your stress fights off erections because it lets out epinephrine into the body which then hardens arteries and slows blood flow. These are the two things that basically stop you from getting an erection. Figure out a way to stop your stress or at least reduce it so you can have amazing sex once again!

Stop Snoring

Did you know that snoring can affect your erections? You may have never heard of this one before but it is true. When you snore your natural oxygen levels are reduced. You need to have healthy natural oxygen levels to create a healthier balance for your organs, especially your penis! Snoring is also a number one reason women send men to the couch. If you are out on the couch, you are sure not to get any action. You can get anti-snore mouthpieces. These may not be the most attractive but at least your woman isn’t going to be on you about snoring and she will be on you for sex.

Eat Darker Chocolates

wilted cucumber erectile dysfunctionDarker chocolates are another key to getting rock hard erections. The epicatechins in darker chocolates are the flavonoids. These dilate the arteries more and bring more blood flow into your body. When this happens, pressure and oxygen help give you an erection and increase arousal as well. Get some dark chocolate a few times a week to start decreasing weak erections and increase sexual pleasure too!

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