Worst Types of Weight Loss Meal Plans

by John Esposito
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Most diet fads have at least some merit. None can help you achieve your goals alone. Those that claim to effortlessly shed pounds and melt fat are the worst type. Both proper nutrition and routine exercise are always required. Combined they offer a wide range of health benefits. You’re also going to need a butt-load of effort, commitment, and dedication.

Planned Rollercoaster

Have you ever really paid attention to just how many fad diets are out there? You can lose with celebrities or go on a cleansing fast. You can get with a program or replace one meal per day.

Many people have had success losing weight while following meal plan guidelines. It’s not unheard of, but a comprehensive program is key. You should ensure that your meal plan provides your body with the type of fuel it needs.

When you don’t eat enough nutrients, your brain panics. It puts your body goes on red alert. Your body starts saving and storing your food. It reduces the number of calories you burn to conserve energy.

Meal plans that call for drastic dietary measures are at the top of the list of the worst types. They are meant to be temporary fixes and that’s usually the type of weight loss you achieve as well. Participants drop a few pounds and then bounce back to where they were. Some gain more weight. A permanent cure requires a lifetime commitment.

All or Nothing Principle

ketogenic low carb dietSome weight loss plans are all or nothing. You must completely, or at least drastically, cut food items out. There are high protein and often dangerously low carb diets.

Your body requires at least 50 grams of carbohydrates each day. This is to power you through your day and fuel you through your workout. Without these essential carbs, your body attacks your muscle tissue. Your heart is a critical muscle and is usually the first to be hit.

The ketogenic diet is based on this principle. It is not the worst diet, but it can be dangerous for certain individuals. When you go without carbs for a bit, your body goes into a state known as ketogenesis. Your liver begins to break down fat and produce ketones as a byproduct. Your body replaces carbs with ketone for energy.

Forcing the body into this metabolic state is used to successfully treat certain types of epilepsy. This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe for or effective for everyone. It is highly recommended that you consult a professional before following this meal plan if you suffer from any type of cardiovascular disorder.

Guideline Adherence

One of the main reasons for the high failure rate of diets is a lack of adherence. There are many different reasons people can’t seem to stay on point. Busy career, financial budget, and intense food cravings are all examples.

On small slip and many are ready to give up. This is where education, resources, and social support can be extremely helpful. A mistake never means you totally failed. You’re a human being and you’re going to screw up. It’s how you move on that counts.

Keys to Weight Loss

Meal plans that claim you can eat whatever you want can set you up for failure. You should indulge yourself from time to time. No effective dietary program allows you to eat junk all the time. Empty calories aren’t good for your health regardless of your goals.

athletic woman doing box jumpsMoving your ass is a must. No weight loss meal plan can be effective without routine physical activity. This just means get busier than you are now. If walking the dog at the park kicks it up a notch, do that.

People who already participate in a routine exercise program should also turn it up. Add a few minutes to your session or increase your lifting load. Don’t push yourself harder too quickly. Ensure that you always provide your body with adequate time to properly and fully recover.

Find support from anywhere. This can be like-minded individuals participating in the same program. It might be an online group or forum. Find what works for you.

Your success rate on any program is completely dependent upon your ability to adhere to it. Therefore, it’s important to come up with a comprehensive plan for life. There are documented studies which state none of these dietary programs are superior to the others.

A group from John Hopkins examined the effects of various commercial diet programs. They noted waist circumference, blood pressure, and weight of participants. They found no significant difference among the various trendy plans (1).

A separate group from the Glasgow School of Medicine also investigated a set of commercial diet plans. They included considerations formulas containing artificial sweeteners. The findings were about the same. There is scientific proof that no single magic bullet exists. Your success is entirely dependent upon your commitment to the program guidelines (2).

Actionable Planning Tips

You should also take price into consideration. Many diet programs share common guidelines, but not costs. Make sure to visit the website and ask questions. You should know exactly how it works before you sink your hard-earned money into it. Find the one you are determined to conquer. It is also essential that it is customizable. You will need to tailor it to your lifestyle for success. You may have to revamp your entire schedule in order to achieve your goals.

Write this Down

  • Take stock of the time you require every week for your
  • Create a sound budget and stick to it.
  • Choose dietary plan guidelines that will keep you on point.
  • Pencil in routine workout sessions of some kind.
  • Don’t forget to schedule play time.
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