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By now, you would have heard about XR30, the revolutionary workout program that promises real results in just 30 days. We’ve had our fair share of weight loss programs promising extreme results, and we will try and dissect XR30 to see if it does have the potential to deliver such extreme results. We’ll take a break from reviewing supplements and bring you a comprehensive review about exercise and workout fitness. Besides supplements, our team is passionate towards anything related to fitness. We are all gym buddies, and we try to work out at least three times a week. When we came across XR30, we looked at each other and thought no, this can’t be possible – until we read what people have to say about XR30. There were dozens of discussions about XR30 that led us to think that we were wrong about the program. We decided to buy the program and see if it works for us.


shirtless man with ripped absBefore going into the program, we had to know exactly what we are getting into. We read up for a bit and studied what XR30 has to offer. XR30 is developed by Vision Bodies, one of the leading brands in fitness and nutrition. Vision Bodies has a reputation for providing quality fitness products. If the brand is everything we know about XR30, then knowing that Vision Bodies made XR30 would give us everything we need to know about X30. XR30 stands for Xtreme Results 30 – 30 minutes a day, 30-day results. Sounds simple enough, right? XR30 is a combined weight loss platform that integrates a targeted weight loss diet with intense weight loss workouts. XR30 says that the system incorporates the same strategies used by professional fitness athletes and pro fighters to make weight and cut fat. Upon examination of the moves and routines in the videos, our in-house athlete attests that the concept closely resembles what most athlete personal trainers do to get their clients to achieve results fast. The workout and nutritional plan offered by XR30 would already deliver changes as standalone guides, but these work best when followed to the letter. Only a handful of fitness systems incorporate a diet and workout that are actually made for each other. High-intensity workouts use up more than just calories from your body – nutrients, which are essential to your everyday activities, get used up by intense workouts, leaving you feeling tired for the rest of your day. With a diet that is specially made for an intense workout, with a fat-burning objective would leave you with the best results you’ve ever had.


XR30 THINK Nutritional Plan XR30’s THINK nutritional plan traces its roots back to the famous keto diet, LCHF (low calorie, high fat) diets which are highly effective to begin with. However, anyone who has tried to radically change their diet would know that being on a diet and working out would literally siphon the energy out of your body. THINK stands for Thermogenic High-quality Ingredients for Natural Ketosis. Basically, the meal plan balances your diet with thermogenic ingredients to rapidly increase your metabolism, and engage natural ketosis, which burns fat as your diet is in a caloric deficit. It basically uses your food intake more efficiently, by making food to help you burn fat. On top of that, your body would still have the nutrients that it would need to remain physically energized and mentally focused for the rest of your day.

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The THINK Nutritional plan is a lot more than just a regular keto diet. With the meal plan, you’d have a full plan of what you have to eat, so you won’t have to obsessively count your calories with every meal. The best part is, the meals are actually tasty and affordable. You’d actually forget that you’re on a diet if it weren’t for the schedule.

XR30 SMART workout plan

The SMART workout plan is developed by the experts in Vision Bodies, including the XR30 head trainers Ian Lauer, and Breann Mitchell. The workouts are selected specifically for the intensity and fat-burning effect on the body. Each workout lasts 30 minutes, and you’d only have to do the workouts for at least 4 times a week. The routines are fairly easy to execute, but the entire workout increases in intensity as you go. The workouts are perfect for those who are looking for workout routines that beginners can perform, without reducing the impact of high-intensity workouts. SMART workout videos are available on DVD. You can also stream the videos on any device through Club Vision Bodies. It is highly recommend that you sign up for Club Vision Bodies to access all the streaming media as well as other support articles and interaction with Club Vision Bodies trainers. SMART stands for Scientific Muscle Activation and Recovery Technique. As the name implies, it activates your muscles, and there is sufficient focus on muscle recovery in the workouts. As you train, muscles would need time to recover. By isolating these muscles in the sequence of routines following training, you can work on other muscle groups while you rest the ones you have trained on the previous workout. Even though workouts last for 30 minutes only, the efficiency of the workouts make the SMART workouts effective.


Before starting XR30, we first had to establish a baseline. We went on a weight-gaining binge to get ourselves to be a bit chunky. I have about 15% body fat before starting to gain weight. We gained approximately 15 pounds each, then we started to take XR30 seriously. Our rules for testing XR30 is simple – just follow XR30 to the letter, and follow the diet plan as instructed. No supplements, no gym. We are not new to fitness, and we were confident that XR30 would reveal its true value to us within 30 days.

XR30 workouts

Even for regular fitness guys, the XR30 workouts would feel slightly more demanding than the typical workouts you buy on DVD. I found the trainers Ian and Breann to be likeable, and at times I felt like I would have wanted to extend the workouts for more than 30 minutes. It didn’t feel like I was in a boot camp like many other workouts do, and as you go with the workouts, you’d feel like you want more, and waiting for another day to do workouts isn’t enough. I did about 5-6 workouts a week. I don’t particularly like working out, but because it was just 30 minutes, and it was entertaining on my part, I didn’t have problems doing the workouts. At the end of each workout, I would be soaked with sweat, and feeling great about my body. My muscles would be stiff for a few hours, but that’s what you would expect from working out.

XR30 nutritional plan

Let me start off by saying that it didn’t really feel like I was on a diet. I can’t reveal what we ate for the diet, but it was good to say the least. As you would expect from healthy food, it would not have much sugar in it. Really low-cal. You’d miss sugar for a bit, but it won’t drive you crazy like other low-cal diets do. For me, the meal plan was really on-point, and it’s a lot easier to stick with the meal plan for good. Short-term diets only give short-term results, and the meal plan included in XR30 is actually something that you can use for years to come.


Prior to starting XR30, I had 18% body fat. I did not measure changes in my body fat week-after-week, but I definitely felt that I was getting lighter by the week. I’ve had to change to a smaller size twice in the 30-day period. I lost 13 pounds, and I now only have around 10-11% body fat. I gained muscle as well in the process. 13 pounds of weight loss means so much more knowing that I gained muscle mass as well. In just 30 days, I was able to not only lose the weight I gained, I also developed lean muscle mass.


XR30 is new, bold, and highly-effective. It is intense, but not to the point that it will make you feel tired for the rest of the day. Judging by our results, it’s suffice to say that it works for even regular gym-goers. We can only imagine how big of an impact it could have on those who are new to fitness. What makes XR30 effective is the fact that it gets you the most results for the effort you pour into the program. Instead of steadily working out for a year, you could get the same results in a shorter span of time. Vision Bodies delivers again with the quality expected of the brand. Not only is XR30 effective, but the support behind the program has been amazing. We highly recommend XR30 to anyone who wants results fast, regardless of your skill level.

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