The Zodiac of Sex Positions for the Best Sex by Star Sign

by John Esposito
sex-position-for-man couple making love
Couple lying in bed together --- Image by © Rick Gomez/Corbis

Couple lying in bed together — Image by © Rick Gomez/Corbis

If you are more of a mystical man, you may believe in the power of horoscopes. come from stars, there may be something to be said about the power of the zodiac and how it affects our sexual prowess. Maybe having the spiritual edge can really help boost your sex drive. If you want to have the best sex possible, why not tailor your technique to give that extra edge of interstellar compatibility. Aries Aries like to be dominant and adventurous. They like to take control in their lives and are driven by the exciting. If you’re having sex with an Aries chick, try reverse cowboy, with her on top looking toward your feet. Taurus Taurus are much more stable people and they like to feel grounded. They like intimacy and comfort. Try missionary for the most sensual position that brings them close and allows them to feel comfortable. Gemini Geminis tend to like high energy lifestyles and love exciting new endeavors. Try having her lie flat on her back with you on your knees. Bring her legs up either side of you to your hips, while she’s balanced on her forearms, like an upside ‘wheelbarrow’. Cancer Girls who are cancer are extremely sensuous and like to feel close to people. They are givers who like to see the joy they bring others. Try traditional cowgirl, so she can see you enjoying every moment of it, and you can bring her in for long deep kisses. Leo Leos love to perform and put on a show. They like to impress you with their stage presence while showing you their wild side. Try doing doggy style in front of a mirror, so you can both see how you perform while she can be on all fours or back on your lap for a closer touch. Virgo Virgos are about directness. They like to be efficient in everything they do and they enjoy being directed while they witness the result of their hard work. Try sitting face to face with her on your lap on her knees. This gives you control for speed direction, while she can see exactly how you like it. Libra Libras are all about balance. They like to find equality in the world and share experiences equally with others. Libras are the best in 69 position where both of you can provide each other equal erotic pleasure. Scorpio Scorpios are mysterious and shrewd but they are extremely passionate and erotic. Scorpios love sex so any position is good for them, but they love it a little rough and hot. Make sure to add in spanking and hair pulling, maybe a little choking to really set them on fire. Sagittarius Sagittarians like to keep life wild and playful, making them adventurous in the sack. Try having her wrap her legs around you while you stand in a lifted position. Capricorn Capricorns are a little more passive and take a while to feel comfortable. Try spooning, with slow tempting foreplay at first, building up to full penetration. Aquarius Aquarians love fun and really laughing hard about life. They love to try new things so introducing sex toys is something that they will really give a go. Pisces preview-full-how-does-sex-relate-to-the-zodiac-1365079116-sep-20-2012-1-600x400Pisces are emotional, compassionate, and extremely romantic. They are suckers for intimacy. Positions that suit Pisces girls best are always face to face. Lay face to face with your legs wrapped around her, allowing ultimate intensity. No matter what the zodiac, there’s a position to keep it spicy. Make sure you’re ready for that Sexual Overdrive when you move into that cosmic position.  

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